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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winners!! 3 Little Monkeys, PeaPod Creations and more!

Thank you Everyone for Entering and Congratulations to All Winners, I have Emailed Everyone!! Kara:)
3 Little Monkeys Giveaway 
Entries: 2899
Winner: 1035   3/20/2010  10:48:22   Naomi  nrc*****@shaw.ca
d) Wow, I really love the "BabyHawk Ironwork
Medallion Deep Water/Lily Toss Mulberry on Black Straps with Pocket" - I've never seen these before!
Peapod Creations Mothers Day Giveaway
Entries: 651
Winner 208
3/29/2010   Roxanne  D   writ******@gmail.com  I have y=the Oganic Girl Button on my Blog. Stinkermama.blogspot.com
Poppys Boutique Giveaway 
Entries: 115
Winner: 29  4/12/2010 15:08:19  Clenna  c******@aol.com  I subscribe to Organic girl blog
Lola Babiez Giveaway 
Entries: 162
Winner: 151  5/10/2010  19:09:02  Hillary  hill****_*****@yahoo.com  Joined LB on FB
Bebe Au Lait Giveaway 
Entries:  120
Winner: 50 4/8/2010  0:01:17  Tennille F  tenn********@yahoo.ca I like the family ties jewellery with the star.
7 A.M Enfant Giveaway
Entries: 395
Winner: 180  4/14/2010  22:37:07  Lauren F  ana*****@yahoo.com  following you!
LIDO Skin Care Giveaway 
Entries: 219
Winner: 32  4/13/2010  20:51:52   Carolena G  caro******@gmail.com
I grabbed your Organic girl Button  http://3graves.blogspot.com/  
Creations Elin Giveaway
Entries: 152
Winner: 24 4/10/2010  15:57:45  Doreen R  dorcon*****@gmail.com  Your FB Fan.


  1. Congrats winners!! Great prizes!!!!!!

  2. Awe thanks. Congrats to all the other lucky winners. Sweet eh?

  3. I would like to congratulate all the winners for the stuff above.



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