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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mother-ease Bamboo Diaper and Rikki Cover Review

As Most of you know by now I am a cloth diapering Mom and I am proud of it. With my first 3 children I did not give it much thought other than , it must be alot more work with all those pins and special folds! Today cloth diapering has really made a turn around.With the use of Hemp to Bamboo to Organic Cotton, cloth diapering has really come a long way.

Mother-ease has been manufacturing cloth diapers since 1991, and has been supplying a variety of earth friendly fitted cloth diapers from their facility in St. Catharines Ontario using 100% green power. 
At Mother-ease their Mission: Mother-ease being a socially responsible, green powered Canadian manufacturer is committed to exceeding customer expectations with original designs including natural and organic (eco friendly) cloth diapers while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. 
Mother-ease® Cloth Diapers Are Known for the Following!
Experience - At Mother-ease we have been designing and manufacturing top quality, leak-free cloth diaper systems for almost 2 decades. Quality – They manufacture all of their products in our own facility in St. Catharines, Canada. Full control over production allows us to monitor each step of the production process and ensure our Quality Control Standards are met. Our custom made diaper cloth is perfectly suited for our products. By testing all of our fabrics and applying our Quality Control Standards we are confident all Mother-ease cloth diapers are of consistent top quality.
Functionality – With the Mother-ease Cloth Diaper System the cloth diaper is separate from the cover – this creates 2 independent pieces working together to prevent leaks. The separate system maximizes washabity. Wash water is better able to flow through the diaper when the waterproof cover is not attached.
Comfort – Mother-ease Cloth Diapers are comfortable by design. Stretchy terry cloth diapers with fully elasticized waist and leg openings ensure comfort as baby moves, while breathability incorporated into the cover, encourages air circulation that reduces heat build-up. Our covers are roomy and fit perfectly over our cloth diapers.

Environmental Responsibility – Mother-ease has been powering its facility with 100% green energy since 2007. Our Bamboo Terry and Organic Cotton diaper fabrics as well as the dyes used for our colored diapers have all been rated as Eco-Friendly. Our terry fabrics are knit in Canada eliminating the need to ship from overseas. Mother-ease employees receive fair wages as well as company paid health benefits.
Cost Savings – The separate cloth diaper system enables you to purchase fewer covers than diapers. When you buy a full-time stash of cloth diapers you will need only 4 covers (of a particular size) since they can be re-used before washing. This buys time before you need a larger size, and Bonus - you get to pick from the whole range of colors and prints for your new stash of 4 larger covers!
Health Benefits – There are significant health benefits to using cloth diapers, but at Mother-ease they go above and beyond. They control the entire production process from purchasing cotton yarns and having them knit and finished to making cloth diapers (under strict Canadian laws for children's apparel.) When they arrive at your door you can be absolutely confident in Mother-ease Cloth Diapers. And this I have agree with Totally!
I was thrilled when Mother-ease contacted me about doing a Review.  I was sent a Bamboo One-size Cloth Diaper and a Rikki Cover.  
The Mother-ease One Size Cloth Diapers are available in four different fabrics, I was sent the Bamboo Terry. Which I love.  Bamboo is an amazing material and it makes for a super absorbent diaper.  Emma has worn this diaper overnight for a good 8 hrs with no leaks what so ever. The Snaps are very adjustable and this diaper has been a great fit on her.
Bamboo Terry
This terry fabric is specially knit with 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton touching your baby’s delicate skin. Polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability and shrinkage control. Their Bamboo Terry is available in its natural unbleached finish.
The One Size Cloth diaper system from Mother-ease is a two step diaper system that includes a cloth diaper and a separate cover. 
One Size Cloth Diapers are adjustable from 8-35 lbs and the covers are available in different sizes based on the weight of your child. 
 This One-Size simple folds down to adjust to your baby.  It comes with a Snap in liner for extra protection. This makes for a super absorbent diaper.
The great news is that you only need 4 Mother-ease covers for full time diapering since the cover can be reused 3 or 4 times before being changed. Other diaper systems such as Pockets or All in Ones have a cover attached to each diaper which significantly increases their cost. Another benefit from buying Mother-ease is that you get a leak free, durable diapering system with years of proven performance.
 If a custom fitted diaper system is what you are looking for please refer to our Sandy’s Diaper system, it has recently been awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) award for 2009 as best cloth diaper!!
They also offer an extraordinary "Velcro®" wrap. Their Aplix® hook and loop fasteners are of the highest quality and covered on the inside by a small skirt to prevent the leakage so common to other wraps. I chose the Rikki™ Wrap in Oceans for Emma.
{Just too cute!}
The Rikki™ Wrap can also be used effectively with cloth diaper service prefolds, and contoured pinless cloth diapers. Their elastic edges are covered with a superior nylon binding which helps prevent moisture from wicking onto baby’s clothes.
The Rikki Wrap cover is available in a variety of colors and Eco Theme™ prints. View the complete set of prints here. This is a great cover to use. The Velco is very strong and the quality of this wrap is super.
This fits Emma very well and its great as a simple clean wash cloth is all it takes to clean this up and its ready for another use. If it does need to be washed I washed it in my regular diaper wash and it help up great. I simply attached the velcro to the diaper as their are no laundry tabs {This does not effect the over all funtion of the diaper at all}
 This was a wonderful opportunity. When I first started cloth diapering I only used pocket diapers and since that day so long ago, I have had the opportunity to try lots of different fits. Since trying Mother-ease One Size Fitted with an accompanying cover this Cloth diaper has been a wonderful addition to my stash. This is one of my best cloth diapers yet for absorbency and fit. It does not fit bulky at all and this is great as I really find it a pet peeve trying to get a pair of pants over a bulk diaper.
Thank you Mother-ease for the wonderful Review opportunity.
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  1. i rasied five children and i always used cloth diapers, i admit the last one which was 14 years apart from the youngest the diapers, were nicer and they were velcro instead of pins,,



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