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Friday, December 11, 2009

Winners!!!- Action Baby Carrier, Little Twig and More

Entries: 182
11/5/2009  10:19:08
Charity esterr***@yahoo.com
I love the pillowcase skirt with the embroidery on the bottom. So pretty!!

Entries: 81
Winner:  29
11/27/2009  21:50:43
Amanda Fraser  amanda***@gmail.com
I follow your blog
Entries: 256
Winner #1 : 176
Tina Symko  tym***@telus.net
We love the Panda onsie!!!We love pandas(and we love bamboo too!!)
Fingers crossed, we hope Cove wins something!
Winner #2 :94
11/12/2009  1:04:04
Jana  dropc***@yahoo.com
I follow Barley & Birch on twitter - entry 2
Winner #3 : 139
11/18/2009   21:55:37
Sarah C  soluckydu***@gmail.com
My favorite is the flowers designs, followed by the bridge one.
Entries: 389
Winner: 224
11/17/2009  9:17:03
Emily Cotton es****@gmail.com
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Entries: 147
Winner: 48
11/19/2009  6:27:11
Lavinia Sostre   vinnie***@hotmail.com
The design I loved was the beach girl. Being raised by the beach and now away from it. It identyfies who we are and it will make great gifts for my daughters.
Entries: 402
Winner: 343
12/5/2009  11:00:18
Shelley VanBeek  shv***@hotmail.com
Heavy Metal- Copper Silver and Gold Pleated Ring Sling is my favorite!!
If i dont win one its pretty much a guarantee that im going to buy one!! :) Looks so much more comfortable for baby than a snugglie. Im so excited for this!!! :D

Entries: 584
Winner: 400
11/25/2009  1:54:10
Tara Hill  ralph****@gmail.com
Blogged this giveaway   http://mamahill.blogspot.com/2009/11/november-giveaways.html #2 

Congratulations to all the Winners!! I have emailed everyone:)
Thank you everyone for entering

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