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Friday, December 11, 2009

Snappi® Baby Giveaway Ends January 12, 2010

Snap To It, Inc., dba Snappi® Baby, is a wholesale company distributing innovative products that promote healthy options for babies and toddlers, and are in harmony with our planet earth. SNAPPI® Baby was established in 2001.
Snap To It, Inc. is the official sole distributor of Snappi® products .Their mission is to market and distribute unique, practical and affordable children's products of high quality, that lend themselves to the safety and harmony of child and earth.
The Snappi® is a PINLESS diaper fastener that offers a practical and reliable way to fasten a cloth diaper. It is a T-shaped fastener made from polyurethane, with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper fabric in a triangular shape, enabling a snug-fitting diaper that helps prevent leaks, but with enough natural movement for the baby’s comfort.  Snappi®s are available in a variety of colors and come in two sizes. Many parents, who are nervous to cloth diaper using pins, can now opt for this healthier diapering choice using this “pinless” and easy to use diaper fastener. 

The Snappi® fastener was invented by a father, in South Africa over 25 years ago. He was actively involved in raising his daughter, which included his fair share of cloth diaper changes.  Commenting: I simply became frustrated whenever I had to change my baby’s diaper because I most often ended up pricking my finger with the diaper pin, and left with a diaper that didn’t fit securely!”  He knew there had to be a better, safer and easier way to fasten diapers instead of using the old fashioned pin method. This was when he thought of a diaper fastener with rubber bands and tin grips, which marked the birth of the Snappi® fastener.
After many prototypes and adaptations, the Snappi® was commercially available in 1987.  It was launched at a large trade show in South Africa, proving an immediate hit with retailers and pharmacies. In 1990 the international market took notice of this product with exports to Australia, the United Kingdom and Brazil proving be a consistent seller. 
In 2001, Kate Braithwaite, co-owner and marketing director for Snappi® Baby, was approached by a friend, one of the patent attorneys of the Snappi® diaper fastener, to become their official distributor for North America.  Having used and become reliant on the Snappi® when she cloth diapered her daughter Jordan (now 17), she knew the value of this incredible invention that could improve the lives of many
 Snappi has become a cloth diapering essential with sales growing exponentially. 
Snappis have revolutionized cloth diapering worldwide, and they have become one of the most important cloth diapering accessories. Over 65 million Snappis have sold internationally to date. To this day the Father that invented Snappi is still involved in Snappi® Holdings in South Africa serving as managing director.  Through his invention he changed not only the course of his own family’s life, but also millions of other families around the world.

The Snappi® fastener underwent a ‘makeover’ in 2006. The basic shape and function remains the same, the only change being that the rings at the end of each leg have been replaced with a solid piece embossed with the Snappi® logo and a crescent-shaped loop at the end of each leg, which gives the Snappi® this EXTRA SAFETY FEATURE.
When the Snappi® fastener is not in use, fold the loop over the back of the Snappi® end to fit over the teeth of the white grip - see photo. This acts as a barrier and prevents the sharp teeth from being exposed. These loops are NOT to be pulled on when attaching the Snappi® fastener to the diapers.  When attaching the Snappi®, hold onto the solid part of the tab.

The benefits of this fastener include: 
  • RELIABLE - a snug fitting diaper to prevent those dreaded leaks
  • ECONOMICAL – affordable fastener that works well with the less expensive flat, prefold or contour cloth diapers
  • SAFER THAN PINS - no more pinpricks for baby or parent!!
  • EASY to use – allows first time parents, grandparents and people with arthritic problems to cloth diaper with ease.   It is as easy as 1 – 2 - 3
 ~The Giveaway~
Snappi® is generously giving One Organic Girl Entrant a triple pack of Size 1 Snappi®
 ~To Enter~
Visit Snappi® and Name the Father/inventor of the Snappi®, come back here and leave your comment at the link below 
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This Giveaway is open to Canadians and US
Ends January 12, 2010

 Thank you Snap To It, Inc. for sponsoring this giveaway at Organic Girl


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