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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thirsties® Duo Diaper Review and Giveaway Ends January 25, 2010

"Thirsties® line of cloth diapers was launched in 2004 in an effort to sustainably produce quality designed diapers at affordable prices. Their mission is to make it easy and attainable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices"
Thirsties® products are USA-made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. At Thirsties® they use only the best of USA -sourced components in order to offer you the very best diaper. 
 Thirsties® Cloth Diapering line Consists of Duo-Wrap, Pocket AIO V2, Diapers Covers , Fab Fitted& Accessories such as Fab Wipes, Fab Doublers, Hemp inserts, and more.
 I reviewed Thirsties® Fab-Fitted and Cover a few months back and I really enjoy using this diaper system. It is absorbent and fits very well on Emma so when the opportunity came up to review the New Thirsties® Duo Diapers I was thrilled. Thirsties Fab Fitted is an amazing well built diaper so I was excited to get to try the new Thirsties® Duo Diapers on Emma. 

Thirsties® Duo Diapers are easy to use and even easier on your wallet!  The adjustable rise of this diaper design means one size will last twice as long.  In fact, you'll only need two sizes to cover your baby from birth all the way to potty-learning. Period!
Similar in feel and fit as their best selling Duo Wrap, Thirsties® Duo Diapers are completely waterproof yet remain breathable, pliable, and very comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. The ultra-soft microfleece liner on the inside protects baby’s skin from wetness and also resists staining.  The handy sleeve design features openings on both sides of the diaper between the microfleece and waterproof layer.  The duo openings featured in Thirsties® Duo Diaper enable easy insert stuffing from either side of the diaper and also make for easy cleaning.  There is no need to remove the soiled inserts when washing -- your hands will remain clean!  Simply toss your soiled Thirsties® Duo Diaper in the laundry and the inserts will agitate free from the diaper in the washing machine.
The Duo Inserts provide double the duty as well!  Thirsties' specialty inserts feature two layers of serged microfiber terry snapped together with five serged layers of hemp jersey; seven thirsty layers in all!  Microfiber terry is a fast absorber designed to rest closest to your baby’s skin (beneath the microfleece sleeve); hemp is a stable absorber and pairs perfectly behind the microfiber terry to add more absorbency and to prevent compression leaking. 
By the way...did you know that Thirsties' new hemp jersey is like no other on the market!?!  Thirsties® found a knitter right in the USA to custom knit the hemp textile to their specifications.  The hemp is thicker, softer, and holds-up better than any other on the market.  Plus, Thirsties® Duo Diapers are a cinch to use…even for the occasional caretaker.  Simply stuff the insert in the sleeve of the diaper and wrap around your baby.  The Durable hook-and-loop closures of Thirsties® Duo Diaper provide a perfect and secure fit at every diaper change. Thirsties' signature leg gussets provide advanced leak-proof protection and our bindings are super soft against your baby's skin. Both Duo sizes offer convenient fold-over laundry tabs to protect your hook-and-loop closures from trapping lint in the wash.  We Choose the Candy Pink for review, and its a beautiful bright color to have.  Overall this is a super diaper. The material does not loose color or fade and the absorbancy is at the top of the market. It is an improved version of the last diaper from Thirsties® and that is not an easy feat as I had thought their last design was a must have for cloth diaper users. The gussets for legs are very useful in helping prevent any leaks and Emma can sleep the night away in one of these diapers. The mix of liner material makes it easy to put on Emma knowing how soft the layer against her skin is. They stuff very easy and just like Thirsties® claims the liners do work free in the wash. I don't mind this part as touching the liners can be a bit yukky somedays. This is another great diaper system from Thirsties® and one Organic Girl reader is going to be very lucky to try one out for free from Thirsties®!

Each of the two sizes of Thirsties® Duo Diaper feature three rows of snaps to adjust the rise to your baby's shape; it really is like having THREE sizes in one.  Pairing such adjust-ability in rise with our signature leg gussets make this diaper the most versatile on the market.
  Whether your baby is tall or short, thin or chunky, this cover will keep those messes contained!  Most families purchasing a 'one size' diaper would actually end up purchasing a newborn size, a 'one-size', and a toddler size:  THREE sizes from birth to potty!  Not ONE. 
Therefore, in the end, Thirsties® Duo Diapers are truly the more reliable and more affordable option when comparing to a 'one-size' system.

  •  A two-piece diapering system combining an absorbent insert and a waterproof sleeve diaper
  • An adjustable rise for extended use to suit your growing baby  Two sizes will fit from birth-to-potty
  •  Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
  •  Pliable and breathable in 8 fun colors!
  • Sleeve design for easy stuffing & easy cleaning
  •  Microfiber terry & hemp combo insert for optimal absorption; 7 layers in all!
  •    Use from birth-to-potty and save $1400 over disposables! 
 Size One
6-18 lbs (3-8 kg)  0-9 month

Size Two
18-40 lbs (8-18 kg) 9-36+ months

Did you know that your baby will roughly go though an astonishing 6000 diaper changes from birth to potty. That is Twenty times more raw materials and sixty times more solid waste, like crude oil and wood pulp, that are consumed and disposed of in the manufacturing of disposable diapers.  In fact, 25 million tress are consumed and manufactured into baby diapers each year! As the third largest contributor to our land fills, all the toss-away diapers of today will still remain in tact in 500 years from now. Wow!

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Ends January 25, 2010
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