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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ban T-Shirts Review and Giveaway

Political T-shirts - Organic T-shirts
Click here for our organic cotton t-shirts
Ban T-shirts is a website with left-wing, liberal, socialist, green, progressive and libertarian credentials. You'll find T-shirts that will show people where you stand on issues such as war and the environment. Express yourself with these T-shirts and meet other like-minded people - our political T-shirts get people talking! Ban T-shirts sells shirts that are about our right to free speech and to criticize what we think is wrong. 
My Husband was the lucky one this time and he chose the "There is No Planet B" T-shirt to review for Ban T-shirts.  This is 100% Organic Cotton and you can tell the minute my DH put it on that it was great quality, by they way it fit him. DH says T's have to fit to that perfect spot on the upper arm I am told and Ban T's are cut perfect he says. The cotton did not shrink or fade and the print is very original and catchy for a guy back at college. I think we will be seeing more Ban T's on him as Christmas is just around the corner and he had a few other T's he was after now that he knows they are so comfortable and well made.

A good slogan on a t-shirt will send a powerful message to passers-by. Their t-shirt slogans are the soundbites to counteract the stagnant stalemate of the mainstream media. Check out their growing selection of organic cotton t-shirts.  

Environmental planet Earth T-shirt. There is no planet B, there is no backup plan and there's no backup planet. This is it, Earth is our home, so let's look after it. Wear this tee and help spread the message about global warming
  Ban T-shirts are Political T-shirts with progressive messages.  An original and thought-provoking range of political t-shirts and apparel Ban T-Shirts about the big issues: the environment, democracy, freedom, war and peace
.only when the last fish t-shirtthink green t-shirtonly sheep need a shepherd t-shirtsos earth t-shirt
At Ban T-Shirts they rack their brains to bring you the coolest left-wing T-shirts and most radical political T-shirts on the internet. Ban T-shirts also print their designs on the finest brands of American made sweat shop free T-shirts: American Apparel and Royal Apparel
Ban T-shirts makes political apparel that appeals to progressives, liberals, socialists, democrats, greens, ecologists and libertarians. Buy one of our T-shirts today and help spread the word.
To Purchase a Ban T-shirt visit http://www.bant-shirts.com/.
Catch the News on the Ban T-shirts blog HERE  
Ban T-shirts is also Generously Giving One Organic Girl entrant a chance at winning your very own Ban T-shirt.

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Buy a Tee, plant a Tree. One tree planted for every T-shirt sold.
Thank you Ban T-shirts for this wonderful Review opportunity and for this great giveaway at Organic Girl!


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