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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plasma Car Review

Well Plasmart was very nice and sent me the fire engine red Plasmacar for my crew to "review" and it was not long after it arrived that the review began. It set up in minutes right out of the box with only a tool that was supplied. Since then it is usually in motion. I see why they say Plasmacar's are pure energy. My 4 year old was the first to give it a whirl and it only took him a few minutes and he had it maneuvering around the kitchen island at quite a pace. In the house it is remarkable agile and almost turns on a dime.
Emma has just started walking but is able to operate the Plasmacar very well. It is narrow in between her knees and sits very low so she is able to make it go very easily and the steering wheel is easy for her to turn. Our oldest son tests it to a more rigid standard and likes to get some speed out of it. He had it on the smooth surfaces at the skate park and had a great time. Finally it was my turn. I am not to mature to admit that I saw this toy at a friends house , they had bought it for their child, and I really wanted to try it. I have taken it around the house and even with Emma on it with me and it is so much fun.
I am a big fan of how simple this toy is and yet it challenges my kids. It is bright and fun and the plastic looks like it is tough enough to last. The simple design leaves very little to go wrong.
This is definitely a toy I will be highly recommending for this holiday season.
My oldest boy did say he thought it would be cool if he could get tougher interchangeable wheels like his roller blades have. He would make anything faster if he could.
We wanted to see if it would hold the 220 lbs it says on the box so DH rode it for a minute and it didn't even flex so it is good for the 220. I would like to thank Plasmart for giving us this chance to review a great product the Plasmacar.

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  1. Thanks for the post! We appreciate it! Hope Emma loves it!



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