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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hazelaid Giveaway

The use of Hazelwood originated long ago when Aboriginal people put hazelwood chips on their babies necks to soothe teething.

In 2002, a Quebec couple with children researched a tree indigenous to the province, and rediscovered the many health benefits that hazelwood offered. It was from then that Hazelaid products developed. From growing their own organic trees, designing the products, to hand making their necklaces, all the products at Hazelaid are 100% natural.

Here is a little bit about the origin of Hazelwood products:

"We first heard about these products when our third child was very little and was suffering from severe eczema. We had tried many different things to alleviate her symptoms and nothing really seemed to help. A friend told us about how her son’s severe and painful acid reflux had been dramatically helped by wearing a hazelwood necklace and that it could help with our daughter’s eczema since the root cause of both is often related to excess acidity in the body. We were skeptical but intrigued. We decided we had nothing to lose by giving it a try. Within a couple weeks of wearing the necklace and using the hazelwood zinc oxide ointment, her skin was dramatically improved and she was also spitting up a lot less. We were amazed! After reading all the testimonials about these wonderful products, we were no longer surprised by our experience...these results seemed to be the norm, and then some!

Hazelwood, being an alkaline wood, has a natural property of absorbing and neutralizing the body's acidity through contact with the skin. By doing so, the necklaces are not just for children, they are for the whole family.

Therefore, if you suffer from…

* Rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis

* Dental cavities, gum bleeding

* Acid reflux, heart burn, ulcers, constipation

* Cracking at the corners of your mouth

* Skin problems such as acne, cold sores, eczema

* Sinus problems

* Ear infections

* Bronchitis

* Headaches and migraines

* Anal itching or burning

* Sciatic nerve pains

* Muscular pain

* Lack of energy, fatigue, depression

* Irritability and nervousness

* Sleep problems

A Hazelaid necklace can help you!

Hazelaid has also expanded their line to include Amber in children and Adult necklaces. Did you know Amber is not a stone , but a natural resin. As it warms against the natural temperature of the body it releases its healing oils. Known as Teething jewelry for hundreds of years , Amber is also used for treating ear, nose , throat infections to arthritis, carpel tunnel and headaches. This beautiful jewelry is hand crafted in Lithuania by their local Artisans.

Hazelwood-Amber children and adult necklaces combine the best of both, made from the branches of a hazelwood tree, alternating with Baltic Amber Beads, these are beautifully handmade.

Lastly Hazelwood also carries Magnetic Adult Necklaces , made from the branches of Hazelwood trees and alternated with magnetic hematite. To read more on Hazelwood Magnetic Necklaces click here.

All natural, organic, and handmade Hazelaid products can help you alleviate symptoms in a natural way and come in beautiful necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

~The Giveaway~

Hazelaid is generously giving One Organic Girl entrant their choice of Hazelaid product. You get to pick either from the children's line or the adult line, necklace, bracelet or anklet!
( lotion or ointment not included)

~To Enter~

Visit the Hazelaid website and pick out a Hazelaid product you really like and would really like to win, come back here and leave your comment at the link below


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This is Open to US and Canadians
Ends Sept 24, 2009

Thank you Hazelaid for sponsoring this great giveaway at Organic Girl.


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