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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Winners and it is finally a long weekend!!!

Well it was a crazy week but finally have a big list of winners finished up.  I also have great giveaways coming up this month so I may look busy ..BUT I still have my favorites coming like See Kai Run , Zuvo Water, Sprout Change and more.  So keep visiting. I need a mirror image of myself and one more to keep up with School, the kids and life so bare with me :)  
Congratulations to all winners, and to my fellow Canadian readers have great Thanksgiving Weekend :)

Finally Winners!!!

Riverside Wagon Giveaway
Entries: 2877
Winner: 70
7/13/2010  13:21:50
Josie F  josie*****@yahoo.ca
Subscriber #1

Truly Organic Giveway
Entries: 408
Winner: #1   378  9/28/2010  2:00:37  Sarah F  sarsh****@aim.com  tweet #2 http://twitter.com/vintageobsessed/status/25760641853
Winner #2  8/29/2010  15:53:01  Tanyab79   tan*****@hotmail.com   http://twitter.com/clerk79/status/22463049037

Cate and Levi
Entries: 218
Winner: 159  9/28/2010  23:52:23   holly  holl*****@assalaska.**
I d like to get the alligator pillow pal for my son . Hed  love it.

Soothe Time Giveaway
Entries: 331
Winner: 128
9/8/2010  13:35:42  celia  c*****@gmail.com  I subscribe to your blog. #3

Metro Mama Baby Carrier
Entries: 362
Winner: 284
9/9/2010  15:13:58  Jenn bab*****@sympatico.ca  The Original Metro Wrap in Manhattan Black

Bored Inc . 
Entries: 248
Winner: 66
9/6/2010  21:32:00  Nad  trefle*****@gmail.com  ANother favorite is the friends forever kid tee.

Dapa Diapers 
Entries: 403
Winner: 11
9/2/2010  21:00:50  terri tls******@yahoo.com  I follow OG Blog

Green Time Bags
Entries: 194
Winner: 42  9/6/2010  8:27:33  tracy  tra*****@yahoo.com  I love this one: Cupcakes reusable sandwich and snack bag . Cupcakes are just to fun.

Carrera Toys 
Entries: 1005
Winner: 216
8/11/2010  17:31:54  Jan lar*****@nex***
The Carrera Street Power Set and formula cup is awesome.

Green Party Goods 
Winner: 106
  8/13/2010  11:17:20  Sarah H  shu******@gmail.com  The organic girl button is on my blog #2  http://thelittlehedgehog.blogspot.com

Winner: #1  9/1/2010  9:29:18  Stephanie L  ste*****@hotmail.com  #2 Tweet  http://twitter.com/stephy905/status/2272175850
Winner: 2  8/27/2010  19:16:03  Stephanie P  trot******@gmail.com  I like the Gromment shorts-black.
Winner #2

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for the Green Time Bags
    we will use them often! Can't wait to see them at our house :) Tracy



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