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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winners-Ecoland, My Healthy Juicer and more!

Entries: 417
Winner:  87
8/5/2010    0:41:21  Sarah H  shul****@gmail.com  Follow you on Twitter {@trvlgrl121} and tweeted http://twitter.com/trvlgrl121/status/20370744767

My Healthy Juicer
Entries: 928
Winner: 732
9/5/2010  18:23:13  Debbie W  momm**** daily  tweet #3  http://twitter.com/mommakoala/staus/23092978335  

Girl Gotch #3
Entries:  287
Winner: 111
8/23/2010  13:33:22  nury  nur*******@live.ca    I voted for Girl gotch for Savvy Mom entry and left a message on the boeard under D..

Giggle Baby Designs
Entries: 166
Winner: 48
8/11/2010  19:57:05  Pam R  mel****@hotmail.com  Subscriber

Congratulations Winners
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  1. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to using the juicer.



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