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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eco-Max Review!!

Lets face it, I do a lot of laundry. I cloth diaper and on top of 4 kids being home for the summer, and now going back to school,  I seem to be always busy getting clothing washed and cleaned.   Over the last month I  switched my laundry routine completely.   I was lucky and Eco-Max sent us Lavender, Orange and Hypoallergenic Laundry Wash for Review.
I honestly have been using the same laundry soap for the past year and to get me to change over is not that easy. But I read up on Eco-Max  and I knew this was going to be a great product for both my clothing and diapers.
Could a Green product clean touch stains and odor?  
Could this really get my cloth diapers clean??
And the answer is simple, YES it can!! 
Eco-Max Laundry Wash cleans my diapers beautifully and the smell--gone.  And were are talking about cleaning diapers that I have sitting in the diaper pail for a day. Yep no smell.  I am not sure if the lavender or the orange is my favorite, but I love the smell of my little laundry room when I use the lavender.  It is wonderful and  I really like  the orange hint my clothes get.   Eco-Max formulates their products with 100% plant based ingredients derived from renewable and sustainable resources. Odour is a common problem in many cleaning situations.  With this in mind, they have formulated many of their products to include 100% therapeutic grade essential oils so that you’re empowered with a natural tool to deal with pesky odours, all while receiving the aroma therapeutic benefits from the essential oils themselves.  I have children with sensitive skin so this is always something I am looking out for in products.  All of our clothing comes out looking so great.  Not dull or lifeless but bright and clean.  I have already been looking online where to find this laundry soap.  This is 100% worth trying out and its proudly made and developed in Canada!!  I can not wait to try their natural cleaners and dish soap!!
Thank you Prism Care Corporation for the Wonderful Review opportunity. 
About Prism Care Corporation.
Prism Care Corporation, a Canadian owned and family operated company, was founded in April 1999 with a mission to benefit people and the environment.  Their mission is simplistic, but its impact over the years has been profound.  In 1999, under the PrismEnvironmental® brand, they were one of only a handful of Canadian companies offering EcoLogoTM certified cleaning products. In their own humble way, this company set out to replace hazardous, toxic cleaning products in commercial and institutional facilities one building at a time.
"Over the next several years, we worked tirelessly, researching the best natural, plant-based, sustainable raw materials and utilizing them in countless formulations to test their effectiveness. We listened intently to suggestions from all corners of our industry, particularly the cleaning staff of both large and small cleaning companies. It was important for us to work with and learn from these hard working people, many of which were exposed to toxic chemicals every day. We did learn a lot and we set out on a mission to develop the best performing natural, non-toxic products on the market. This is how Eco-Max was born."
We received a tremendous response from across Canada and knew we were on the right track. Substantial organizations such as Environment Canada, Royal Bank, Telus, Bell Mobility, CIBC, and Canada Post were, and still are, having their buildings cleaned with Eco-Max. This widespread interest coupled with growing environmental awareness in Canada and the world led to the release of Eco-Max consumer products for household use in 2007.
Since then, we have maintained our commitment to the environment and have been as transparent as we can while doing so. We publish all our test results for public viewing and are not afraid to list our ingredients; we have nothing to hide. 
At Prism Care Corporation they will never incorporate synthetic fragrances in their cleaners and for sensitive individuals, they've created hypoallergenic, scent free formulations of  all common household cleaners. All Eco-Max cleaners are EcoLogoTM certified by Environment Canada.  Third party testing has revealed that Eco-MaxTM Green cleaners far exceed the requirements laid out for EcoLogoTM certification. They are confident enough they are happy to show you these results, which is why on every product page, you can find them in the ‘learn more’ section.
By choosing Eco-Max, you will be using a leading Green cleaner that is both safe to use and safe for the environment.
To Buy Eco-Max Products simply visit: http://eco-max.ca/consumer/shop 
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