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Sunday, September 26, 2010

E-Cloth Review and Giveaway Ends Oct 28, 2010

TADgreen Inc was founded in September 2007 when two successful housewares industry veterans decided that America was ready for a new, simpler, greener way to clean using just a cloth (albeit a very special one) and plain water.
“Perfect cleaning with just water.”
This extraordinary claim on the packaging of this uncommon cloth intrigued the two men. At the same time, it left them very skeptical. How could that be? Cleaning with just water couldn’t possibly be as good as cleaning with chemicals. They knew that if this cloth did as promised it could revolutionize household cleaning across America. 

E-cloths are part of a sustainable lifestyle. Paper towels are used once and thrown away. E-cloths are used-over-and-over for years. In late 2007, TADGreen Inc’s Allan Coviello and John Eaton began purveying E-cloths to the American market, knowing full well that they had their hands full in changing the way Americans’ clean, but also knowing that they had a product which could do just that.
The product line has grown from three products to over 20, so the American consumer can effectively clean pretty much everywhere chemically-free.
 I loved this E-cloth set I was sent. I use it daily around the house and have washed it numerous times to make sure it held up and it is surprisingly still just like new. The fabric has very good texture to really get things scrubbed and cleaned up. The one for mobile phones and screens polishes the screen so it is crystal clear. It takes little effort to give your screen a meticulous shine. My hubby is a Computer programmer and is a bit excentric about how clean his screen is and this E-cloth is his favourite

E-cloth: a simple name for a line of uncommon cleaning products. What does the “E” stand for?
To us it has many meanings. In fact we have over 50 “E” words that are fitting – “first names” if you will, that aptly describe what the “last name” does, or is. Once you’ve tried E-cloth, you’ll understand that there are many, many “E” words that apply. Here are just five to get you started:
  • Environmentally-friendly Cloth
  • Eye-opener Cloth
  • End-all Cloth
  • Everywhere Cloth
  • Everyday Cloth
100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 
There’s microfiber, then there is E-cloth® Microfiber...
"Microfiber" is a general term used to describe a wide variety of materials fabricated using ultra-fine fibers. There is a large disparity of quality from one to another. Because the term microfiber is not regulated, great products like E-cloth share the same designation with poor ones – so the association is often misleading. Understandably, inexpensive microfibers do not clean as well, and are not as durable as premium microfiber. The overall performance of many microfibers can be disappointing. Only high quality fibers are used in the manufacture of E-cloths and we ensure that each fabric specification has the cloth's end-use in mind for the highest level of cleaning effectiveness.
What does E-cloth Clean?
You’ll be impressed with E-cloth’s cleaning versatility. You’ll clean better everywhere. The science behind it enables exceptional cleaning results on a wide variety of hard surfaces, including: Glass, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Wood, Counter Tops, Granite, Tile, Ceramic, Marble
Where does E-cloth Clean?
You’ll quickly discover that E-cloth is the best cleaning companion you’ve ever had in a wide variety of places, and making cleaning easier, faster and less expensive.
Kitchen – From toasters to refrigerators, and everything in-between – floors included. Especially good on anything stainless steel – a cleaning frustration in most homes.
Bathroom – Sparkling clean mirrors, sinks, faucets, tubs, tile, shower stalls, floors
General – Streak-free windows, removes dust anyplace, great on all non-carpeted flooring surfaces, handy in workshops – E-cloth is good in so many places
Drinkware , Electronics, Outdoor , Workplace 
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E-cloth is Generously Giving One Organic Girl Entrant the Kitchen Pack
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Ends Oct 28, 2010
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Thank you, E-cloth for the Review opportunity and for sponsoring this Giveaway at Organic Girl


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