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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Winners!! SlimPerfect, Purmist and More!!

Entries: 308
Winner: 209 
7/14/2010 11:45:04  Gale l ecar*****@yahoo.com I have several favorites....the roses... the ski texas...
Entries:  58
Winner: 28  
7/11/2010  14:39:11
Stephanie L  ste****@hotmail.com I blogged your giveaway. 
Entries: 287
Winner: 200
7/16/2010  11:54:26 DebbieW  momma*****@congeco.ca  daily tweet. 
Entries: 277
Winner: 64
6/27/2010  16:37:43  Stephanie  V  tvoll*****@aol.com  Black Slim Dress
Entries: 199
Winner: 120
7/18/2010  17:32:00 Randy B pk*****@charter.net I woud choose to get the Funky poncho Size L and Baby Crocet Flower hat BH-10
Entries: 573
Winner: 371
7/26/2010  11:29:40  Sarah W  sara*****@yahoo.com I like prestons pants on Facebook #2
Little Kids Bubble Flashlight

Entries: 255
Winner: 10
7/18/2010  12:38:14  Jan   lar******@nex*****net 
They Received the national Parenting Publicaton Honors Award in 2003 
Little Kids Dora Bubble Car
Entries: 291
Winner: 218
7/26/2010  13:39:58  Anne  14***@gmail.com
The Bubble Light is my sons favorite.

Congratulations Winners, and A big Thanks to all the sponsors !!!


  1. Thanks to Organic Girl and all her sponsors.
    Congrats to all the winners!!

  2. Congrats you guys. Horray! :)



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