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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Faerie's Dance Giveaway extended Aug 5, 2010 Have you Entered!!!

Faerie's Dance is a vegan, woman-owned, Eco-Fashion store. At Faeries Dance they have fashions for everyone and specialize in offering organic and earth-friendly lingerie and intimate apparel. They have literally scoured the planet to bring in organic cotton bras from England and Italy, bras and panties from recycled pine trimmings from France, reclaimed soy sleepwear from Canada and more! Of course, they have intimates for the men, too. They source products from both US manufacturers and overseas manufacturers who take care to ensure that all workers are treated fairly, are safe from sweatshop conditions and receive living wages.
Earth-Friendly fashion and intimate wear for women, men and the kids, too.At FaeriesDance.com they are committed to providing a complete environmentally conscious shopping experience for our customers. Their clothing is made of environmentally sensitive fabrics and low-impact dyes.
Faerie's Dance is an enchanted realm where beauty and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Step inside to enjoy tasteful, Organic Fashions, luscious, low-impact Lingerie and earth-conscious Accessories. Wrap yourself in a toasty warm Sweater made from Hemp or certified Organic Cotton. Be bold in a stretchy top made from Soy Beans or demure in feather-soft blouse of Bamboo.
Don't forget to accessorize with a lovely piece from the Green Jewelry line. Yoga fans, enjoy Workout Wear in organic cotton and matching Yoga Jewelry made from 80% recycled steel!!
What's in a Name?
Faerie is the traditional spelling of the Celtic tales of Faeries, sometimes referred to as the Fey or Fair Folk. Centuries of myths attach different characteristics to the Faeries, but most of them have a few things in common. Faeries are joyous and carefree, a bit mischievous and occasionally naughty, but on the whole, good-hearted. Faeries live in the heart of the forest, close to the land. They honor the earth and the trees, not as worship, but as a deeply ingrained respect and with knowledge of their connection to all things through their shared home. They express their gratitude through joy.
Faerie's Dance is not meant as a group of Faeries dancing, but the elegant, frivolous, frolicking dance of an individual Faerie. Each step of the dance is performed wildly, with great pleasure, and yet also honorably and gently with deep reverence.
"When I decided to open this shop my greatest goal was to ensure that every aspect be prepared with honor to our earth, but also to keep it fun and light; to express that honor not with somber veneration but through joy and delight. I realize that consumerism in general is not exactly the best thing for the planet, but let's face it; our society isn't going to change overnight. So let us joyously embrace who we are. Let us choose wonderful, pretty things that make us feel good about ourselves while simultaneously dancing our blissful dance with gentle footsteps upon the planet." Adreinne

Explore Faerie's Dance Website to find clothing that makes you
Look Good Outside and Feel Good Inside. Be careful! Once you savor the stretch of soy, cuddle in organic cotton and witness the versatility of hemp you may never buy conventional clothing again! 
Check out Faeries Dance Blog HERE
  Thank you, Faerie's Dance  for sponsoring this Giveaway at Todays Diva!!  

~The Giveaway~
Faerie's Dance is Generously Giving one Todays Diva Entrant a wonderful Classic Polo!!
The classic polo goes feminine. This lovely women's polo has a traditional 4 button front with
 collar. Slimming fitted cut and short sleeves. Originally $39.
Available in XS/S/M/L/XL
*Runs slightly small, see pull down menu for proper sizing.*
70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton
Machine Washable

 ~To Enter~
Visit Faerie's Dance and Choose another two products you would love to buy, come back here and leave your comment at the link below.



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