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Monday, July 5, 2010


Entries: 138
Winner: 90
6/2/2010  19:36:48 Heide  li****@tegh.***  
I love the sophie leggings in pink!
Entries: 141
Winner: 2
8:46:34 5/29/2010
Jody J   kum*****@gmail.com  
I would love to try the cheekyBum wash and the head to toe body wash
Entries: 279
Winner: 74
5/28/2010 4:27:19 
Pam  dph*****@sympatico.ca
I am a facebook friend of Organic girl #1
 Entries: 106
Winner: 60
6/5/2010  18:00:17
Jennifer T  jt*****@gmail.com
I am a facebook fan of Organic Girl 
Entries: 389
Winner: 180
6/1/2010  8:01:39 
Lilac  sp***@live.***
Daily Tweet  http://twitter.com/3Lilacs/status/15172954185  
Entries: 158
Winner: 101
6/16/2010  1:20:29  Surge  tsg*******@hotmail.com  An Eco tip: Use florescent Lighting
Entries: 186
Winner: 124
 5/29/2010  19:38:51  Cindi H  jch*****@hotmail.com What a great "green"clothing site I adore the "floral coco dress, Oragnic cotton dress in summer garden" Thanks Cindi

Congratulations Winners, I have emailed Everyone!!! 
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