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Monday, July 12, 2010

International Playthings -Soccer Trainer Review!!

 International Playthings has been making a difference in children's lives for over 40 years. From YooKidoos, Calico Critters, Taggies, Tomy, i play and more. The selection of innovative and entertaining products are always expanding and growing, offer superior play, innovative designs and a lifetime of entertainment and learing through play. 

What better way to enjoy the springtime than by getting the kids off the couch and outside for some active play?  These days, little ones are spending way too much time in front of the computer, playing video games, and watching TV.  In fact, The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine recently found that children with more TV exposure tend to participate less in class and have lower math grades. They are also less likely to be physically active on weekends, and have body mass index scores that are about 5 percent higher than their peers. International Playthings loves to encourage productive play by offering a range of toys that get kids into the great outdoors!
New from International Playthings’ proprietary iPlay line of toys, are two hot items for spring, when the days are warmer and longer, allowing for plenty of outdoor fun.
The soccer trainer set is fun to use while improving ball control and coordination while practicing kicks!  The set includes an 8-inch ball that is attached to the base.  The ball is easy to inflate using the included pump whose needle stores inside the handle.  Before playing, simply weight the base with either sand or water.  It is versatile and can be played alone or with a friend! Soccer Trainer, for ages 3+,  retails for $19.99.
Everett being 5 really has alot of fun with his Soccer Trainer.  He is full of energy and this is a great outside toy to get him up and moving.  He really likes to let it rip and kick it as hard as he can and it just pops right back to him. He can easily pick it up by the base and move it anywhere he likes .
Best part...he always seems to wear himself out.
To purchase the Soccer Trainer visit International Playthings HERE

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