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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kicky Pants Review!

A comfortable and increadibly sustainable bamboo clothing line ideal for mothers and babies. Kicky Pants offers playful and charming styles while being extraordinarily breathable, soft and cozy for all seasons. Kicky Pants was created in 2008 when Erin Cloke was on bed rest while pregnant with her second child.  Challenged to find age-appropriate clothing for her boys, she was inspired to design a line that would "celebrate innocence" and be eco-friendly at an affordable cost. All fabrics and designs are exclusive to Kicky Pants, and the process is maintained from the fabric mill to the finish. 
Kicky Pants blend is the only one of its kind. It's 95% bamboo and 5% lycra, giving it more natural softness than any other bamboo line. It has just enough stretch/give to make it easy to pull over baby's head. Because of the high percentage of bamboo used in their unique fabric, Kicky Pants Bamboo Basics take on a unique well-worn look that adds character and cozy softness to the unique fabric. 
More wonderful ways Bamboo makes for such amazing Clothing:
  • Bamboo fabric also takes on the unique qualitiees of the plant, making it naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic. 
  • Bamboo has a natural wicking ability, keeping baby warm, dry and ordor free.  
  • Bamboo can be naturally soft and silky without additional chemical processing {the pricess used to create fabric for Kicky Pants is 100% natural and organic} making it the perfect match for baby's delicate skin.
  • Bamboo fibre is completely biodegradable, meaning the special Kicky Pants blend is as close to nature as possible 
  • The Bamboo used to create Kicky Pants raw material is grown in a fully sustainable process {byproduct is returned to the land to biodegrade} on land where no other crops will grow.
All pieces of the Kicky Pants Bamboo Basics collection are designed to be interchangeable, so no more searching for matching pieces since all colors and styles can be mixed and matched.
I was sent a pink long sleeve shirt for Emma for Review and it is a wonderful shirt for her to wear. 
You can tell it is 100% bamboo by the way is feels,  just like silk. Simply amazing this shirt fits her so well. It easily stretches over her head and its a cinch to get on. It also washes  very well and goes great with both shorts and pants.
Kicky Pants has tops, bottoms, dresses, t-shirts and so much more.
Check out the Kicky Pants Entire Spring and Summer Collection HERE
Where to buy:  Click HERE
Thank you Kicky Pants for the Wonderful Review opportunity!

Did you Know??
Bamboo is an eco-friendly sustainable crop for various reasons. 
Bamboo grows quickly - it is among the fastest growing plants in the world, reaching close to full height in about 100 days in the right weather conditions. 
Bamboo has an inherent ability to retain wather and does not require irrigation. 

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