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Saturday, May 8, 2010

FRUBI SHADES® Review and Giveaway Ends June 7, 2010

NEW Patented FRUBI SHADES® with the ULTRAGUARD POLYCARBONATE® lens offer serious (maximum) protection for the eyes of the children you love! 
Why do I need sunglasses for my child? Eyes Get Sunburned, too! Children also find squinting uncomfortable
Did you Know??? The human eye is 10 times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than your skin. Yet how many of us consider sunglasses for our children a necessity, like using sunscreen? Not many!
As we age, our natural lens becomes more protective. Until then, children's eyes need all the protection they can get! 
Gary W. Hall, M.D. an Ophthalmologist and expert in solar-related eye disease and three time Olympic medal winner in swimming and Renee Resler, entrepreneur and inventor of successful breakthrough technologies in the beauty industry, met while seated next to each other on a flight from New York to sunny Phoenix where they reside.  Dr. Hall, three-time Olympic swimmer and father of Olympic gold medalist Gary Hall Jr., was always concerned about the damaging effects of sunrays. Dr. Hall holds six patents and has made numerous inventions related to Ophthalmology. Recently Dr. Hall turned his attention from surgical treatment of eye disease to preventing solar-related eye diseases. With Frubi® Shades, Dr. Hall hopes to help children shield their sensitive eyes from harmful sunrays. Renee Resler has been a successful inventor, entrepreneur and business veteran for more than 25 years.  FRUBI® SHADES, her most recent development, is a culmination of her years of experience and her ability to understand the needs of consumers and to create exciting, innovative useful “niche” products.
They started talking about Dr. Hall’s research in eye protection and as they continued their conversation ideas for an important new product started forming in Renee’s mind. By the end of the trip they had written a business plan on a napkin for a new venture in children’s eyewear. Soft, spongy, affordable, comfort-fit sunglasses that children would actually want to wear and would keep on. They decided to call them FRUBI® SHADES.
They both agreed that most people were not aware of the serious damage the sun’s rays have on children’s eyes. Renee was surprised to learn that children were even more at risk because their eyes were even less able to filter out UV rays and as a grandmother of four that concerned her very much. The PROTECT THEIR EYES Campaign became an important part of their ongoing conversation and they knew it was necessary to increase the public awareness to protect children’s eyes with sunglasses. Introducing FRUBI® SHADES .....
 I was lucky to be sent a pair of Frubi Shades for Emma. The Purple and Pink Hearts are a great color for a little Girl! 
I am really looking forward to using these on our trips to the beach.  It can make for long day of squinting at that age.  Frubi® Shades can be used anywhere as they are so well designed they go on very easily and Emma really likes to wear them.  I like knowing she is well protected from the sun and yet they make her look so cute.   She loves to doll up so this just adds to the "Look" for her {lol} Such a Girl!!
 Frubi® Shades are light weight and the adjustable strap at the back makes these very easy for any child to wear.  Designed for children up to Age 6, they also just fit my 5 yr old , he is just not into pink hearts {lol}
How Frubi Shades Are Designed To Protect Your Children!
Ten years ago, Dr. Gary Hall, an ophthalmologist in Phoenix realized that many of his patients were suffering consequences from years of sun-drenched Arizona living. For most of them, the very reason for moving to Arizona’s warm climate had become a serious health hazard. Cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid cancer, and other serious eye diseases, are all linked to sun exposure. Determined to change this, Dr. Hall began focusing on prevention rather than treatment of eye diseases. With this in mind came Frubi® Shades.  Babies need to wear sunglasses because their eyes are less able to filter out UV rays.  Start them young so they will continue with this important habit. With Frubi® Shades, you can be sure that your kids' eyes will be well protected.
Check out the Frubie Shades Blog here for more Tips on Wearing!!
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Thank  you Frubi® Shades for the Review opportunity and for sponsoring this Giveaway at Organic Girl.


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