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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EO Love Life Live Clean Review and Giveaway Ends June 19, 2010

Love life. Live clean. A philosophy that both Susan and Brad Black both believe in. They  started the company 14 years ago in their garage and today, EO® Products employs more than 30 people and sells 100-plus products for the body and the home that bring in more than $7 million a year in revenue.
EO® is a family owned and operated, Certified Organic Manufacturer of personal care products using the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients. At EO they create products that are natural, gentle, effective and free from animal testing.
They believe the formulation of beneficial and synergistic herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients is an art form. They search for ingredients with uniquely beneficial traditional and therapeutic properties, and they also choose not to include synthetic colors, fragrances or harsh chemicals in any of their products. It is their mission and their privilege to develop their own innovative and efficacious formulas, source natural ingredients, manufacture, and find the most environmentally friendly packaging to fill and ship each and every EO® product.
The product line encompasses more than 100 items containing our signature essential oil blends (EO® stands for Essential Oils). Essential oils are steam distilled directly from flowers, leaves, bark and wood without any adulteration or synthetic additives, as it was intended directly from nature, and giving you products that smell amazing.
"We have been dedicated to making wholesome products in a way that embraces organic agriculture, sustainability and right livelihood. The original EO® vision—which still stands—was to make high-quality, essential-oil-based personal care products that were simple, fresh and clean, using as many local, organic and plant-based ingredients as possible. How we work together as a company and within the community locally and globally is a learning process that we attend to with great care and commitment. We’ve managed so far to stay independent, financing the business ourselves with credit cards, family, friends, banks and angels—anything to stay autonomous so that we do what we do with quality and passion.You can smell and feel our commitment in every product that we make. It’s like cooking—when you use fresh, high-quality
ingredients you can tell the difference. Our philosophy also shows up in our very minimal use of postconsumer packaging and the fact that we choose raw materials that are organic or wild crafted.French lavender hand soap and the hand sanitizer are tied for first place right now."
 I was so lucky to be sent a variety of products for Review.  We were sent full Size Bottles of  Foaming Hand Soap {Coconut & Vanilla with Tangerine} Liquid Hand Soap {Peppermint and Tea Tree} and  Samples {1.5 oz} of French Lavender EO® Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Body Lotion. 
My absolute favorite is the Foaming Hand Soap. It is easy to apply and I love the Smell. This also does not dry the hands out like some soaps can. This is a bonus as my hands have been dry lately. 
 Indulge your hands with the rich EO® products designed specifically for their unique needs. Their liquid and foaming hand soaps as well as their bar soaps are an ideal way to give your hands a nurturing and thorough cleansing, while retaining their natural moisture. When soap and water simply aren’t available the EO line of hand sanitizers are perfect for removing germs and keeping hands clean. Their hand creams are just the right finishing touch to moisturize and protect your hands from their environment.
Foaming Hand and Body Soap
8.5 oz Coconut & Vanilla with Tangerine
This is my favorite and I know I will be getting more as it really seems to last on my kitchen counter and It is a wonderufl soap to use. The Foaming  soap is soft and smooth on the hands and it leaves them so fresh and smelling great.
Their fun and richly foaming soap cleanses and nourishes right out of the bottle for even the most sensitive skin with pure and soothing botanicals. Organic Tangerine artfully blends with Organic Coconut Milk and Vanilla to nurture and refresh skin.

  • Organic Tangerine refreshes and uplifts; Organic Coconut Milk and Vanilla pamper skin.
  • pH Balanced and Biodegradable. Great for the whole family.
  • Organic Calendula, Chamomile and White Tea botanicals harmonize and replenish skin.
  • Coconut cleansing complex creates gently cleanses without drying skin.
Liquid Hand Soap Peppermint and Tea Tree
Their extremely mild and richly foaming formula deeply cleanses and nourishes even the most sensitive skin with pure and soothing botanicals. I was sent the Peppermint and Tea Tree and it is a very nice soap to use. The natural scents used are wonderful and I am a fan of natural ly scented soaps.   The liquid soap is also another wonderful soap as a little goes a long way as all you need is a small amount.
French Lavender Series 
Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Body Lotion! The French Lavender set of products I was sent is a set to use.  The smell of Lavender is so wonderful and natural it makes for a really nice set to use. The Shampoo and Conditioner are really good for the hair and if you take a moment to view the list of ingredients you will see why.
At EO® they know how important your hair is to you. EO® Everyday Hair Care is a complete line of natural and therapeutic shampoos and conditioners individualized for all hair types: Restorative, Protective, Volumizing, Clarifying and Everyday. Harnessing the key ingredients in five beneficial Hair Care Complexes, EO® Everyday Hair Care adjusts its performance with products customized for your hair care type anytime and every time!
  • Reformulated with key active ingredients to nurture and pamper.
  • Pure Essential Oils nurture and soothe hair.
  • EO® Specific Hair Complexes target the needs of normal, dry, oily, color-treated or fine hair.
  • Key Active Ingredients for Maximum Therapeutic Benefit.
  • pH Balanced and Biodegradable to clean and condition naturally.
Nourishing Everyday EO® French Lavender Shampoo/Conditioner  combines synergistic ingredients to protect hair from daily environmental effects with a balanced Nourishing Complex. This unique formula gently cleanses, repairs existing damage, and protects the hair shaft from additional stress. Be good to your body and pamper it with EO® natural products. From their complete line of natural soaps and cleansers to their rich and nourishing body lotions and massage oils you can treat your body from head to toe. Indulge, splurge and enjoy their complete line of body care.
Based in Marin County, CA, EO® was founded in 1995 by Brad Black and Susan Griffin-Black. EO® creates and manufactures the products that bear our name in our 22,000 sq. ft. organically certified facility with the help of more than 30 employees who are the force and the heart behind EO®.
~The Giveaway~
EO® is Generously giving one Organic Girl entrant The Bath Lovers Gift Set! {32.96}
The Bath Lovers gift set includes the following items:

  • French Lavender Bubble Bath (12 oz)
  • Vanilla & Coconut with Tangerine Bubble Bath (12 oz)
  • Blue Chamomile & Lavender Bath Salts (4 oz)
  • Grapefruit & Mint Bar Soap (4 oz)
  • Gift Basket

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Thank you EO® for the Wonderful Review opportunity and for sponsoring this Giveaway at Organic Girl.


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