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Monday, April 5, 2010

Winners TipTopHealth Burts Bees, Lots of Wysi Wipe Winners!!

Entries: 583
Winner: 542
3/30/2010  12:01:26
Scott nen****@aol.com
Follow w/google under Scott lilly
Wysi Wipe Winners!! 
Wysi Wipes #42     3/28/2010  22:17:13  Emma  ben*****@hotmail.com 
I follow Organic girl blog via Email
Wysi Wipes #43    3/30/2010  13:15:44  Robbie C  sunny****@live.ca
The Wipes are disposable yet reusable, and can be rinsed many times.

Wysi Wipes #44    3/27/2010  16:24:06  Donna do**@simplydab.com
I follow @evyready on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/simplydab/status/11160536713
Wysi Wipes #45    3/31/2010  8:53:48  Elizabeth F  ultra compact and resuable

Wysi Wipe #46    2/19/2010  20:00:36  dt.sher*******@nexicom.net  Diane S 
I loved these when I bought them for my grandchild when she was a baby for travelling.
Then i used them for camping cause there is always water around. Most recently I was in a
serious car accident and was bed ridden and i used them to
 wipe up with and sponge bath with. An amazing product.  

Wysi Wipe #47   2/14/2010  19:52:29   Nury***@live.ca Nurinia  I follow Wysi on twitter #2 

Congratulations Winners,  I hope Everyone had a Wonderful Weekend. 
Kara :)

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  1. THANKS so much!!!! VERY excited about this win! Got and responded to your email!



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