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Friday, April 23, 2010

Winners - Green Pan, Weleda Baby and More!!

Baby Kicks Giveaway 
Entries: 414
Winner: 202 
3/28/2010   0:58:47  Jodi  jdee****@gmail.com  I tweeted  http://twitter.com/djeemarie/status/11180192931

Noodle Head Travel Buddy Giveaway 
Entries: 295
Winner: 206
4/14/2010  14:40:20  DawnG  dawnss****yahoo.ca  The Pawparazzi products is what my daughter would love too.

Weleda Baby Giveaway 
Entries: 188
3/23/2010  21:09:28 Jenn baby*****@sympatico.ca  I would like to try the foot balm we all nedd some tlc down there , they are the must used body part. 

Lennah Designs Giveaway
Entries: 386
Winner: 6
3/22/2010  18:02:50   Erica K  bassgir****@hotmail.com  Follow Lennah designs on twitter- bassgiraffe #2

Sprout Baby Giveaway 
Entries: 158
Winner:  4/17/2010  12:07:57  Jen M  jeny****@hotmail.com  http://twitter.com/jenyasha/status/1178148158  tweet 

GreenPan Giveaway 4 Winners!!
Entries:  2413

Winner #1  {703}  3/2/2010  16:42:36  
Sarah B  mammab***@gmail.com  
I learned that traditional non-stick is achieved by coating the frying pan with FTFE,  a waxy , synthetic substance has well documented disadvatages in practical household use Entry #1

Winner #2  {178} 2/24/2010  17:52:40  
Stephanie L  stehp****@hotmail.com 
I would like to try the mulifuncitonal bowl

Winner #3  { 1803} 4/17/2010  21:26:24 
Anna C   annakather******@gmail.com 
I love to cook! I'm a super hater of the pots I currently have as they are falling apart (how sad!) Wow I'm in super love with the Dubai collection!
 Especially the Covered skillet with 2 side handles - 24 cm / ø 28 cm *muah* x0x0x0

Winner #4 {2263}  4/18/2010  18:31:59  
Wendy D   wendy******@yahoo.com  
Id Enjoy the Kyoto covered casserole 

Congratulations Winners,  and thank you everyone for Entering
Wysi Wipe Winners will be announced later:)

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