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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guess What? I have alot of Winners to Announce!!!

Finally my kiddos are all in bed,  and I can finally get to this huge list of winners.  I will be announcing Missiko Tomorrow as I have 1617 entries to go through!! So Stay tuned for that one:)
Pawparrazzi Pet Giveaway
Entries: 366
Winner: 287
 4/12/2010 13:18:24  Teri H  straw******sales@gmail.com  Tweeted http://twitter.com/strawberrykidss/status/114352040707  
Beckons Organics Giveaway 
Entries: 431
Winner: 303  2/20/2010  10:14:16  Stephanie M  steph****@hotmail.com  daily tweet  http://twitter.com/stephmd425/statuses/10774002259
Ecoleeko Giveaway 
Entries: 242
Winner: 176  3/24/2010  23:23:23  Missy seksi****@hotmail.com  tweet http://twitter.com/missywpg/status/10750158702
Gloveables Giveaway 
Entries: 609
Winner: #1 
2/28/2010 Jan lar*****@**.net My favorite is the pink/peachy gloveables set, and the matching Pink Peach Rose Apron
Winner #2 
2/28/2010  19:53:20  Marion  taylo*****@gmail.com  Gloves I love the pink/green dot with bow and the Betty Apron, dot with pink ties

WysiWipesWysi Wipe Winners!!!! So far This Giveaway is at 2389 Entries:) 
Just in case your curious!
#48  3/26/2010 10:26:43  Anne Z  rav***@yahoo.com I havent tried them yet , but im going to look for them, they look handy for the car
#49  3/18/2010 22:06:25  adrian.g*****@live.ca  Lisa G  Tweeted  http:// twitter.com/adriana1954/status/10701277118 daily tweet
#50  3/27/2010  20:18:30  yds****@aol.com  Shirley Y  Very effective -do a good job easy to carry
#51  4/8/2010  23:45:34  mcj4****@comcast.net  Micheal wysi wipes are suitable for all skin types. 
#52  2/14/2010 22:20:10  rkl****@gmail.com  Kylie L   Id choose the ww12 -convientient........
#53  3/29/2010 13:33:08  ag**@hotmail.com David R  it is do good to have a case a mess happens. 
#54  2/27/2010 18:13:48  jenya****@hotmail.com  Jen M I would try the Marth Stewart wipes and I..
#55  4/7/2010  6:15:44  pm**@eastlink.ca  John R  Because they are biodegratable multi purpose wipes. 
#56  2/19/2010  17:36:51  pansy***@shaw.** Grace  Small enough to take anywhere and so handy
I will be emailing everyone, Please check your junk folder just in case :) Thank you Everyone for entering .

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