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Sunday, April 11, 2010

EnviroBottles.ca Review!

600mL EnviroBottle - StainlessAt EnviroBottles.ca, they are concerned about the many issues surrounding our health and safety and the impact plastic and other disposable and toxic items have on our environment. Therefore, it is their mandate at EnviroBottles, to provide the consumer with products that are affordable, easy to use, reusable and yet, by their everyday use, will make a dramatic impact for the better on our environment. With Earth Day just around the Corner on April 22, 2010, it is never to late to think about choosing eco-friendly products. 
This family owned and operated business started in 2003, and has evolved and changed as they have become more educated and aware of the need for the products you will find on Envirobottles.ca. They do their very best to provide all of their customers with honest and reliable service, valuing every client who puts their trust in us by placing an order whether it be big or small. 
Greentainer - Large Size with ClipFrom their stainless steel bottles to glass baby bottles, Wrap-N-Mats to soy candles and Greentainers, their products will assist you in becoming part of the movement towards creating a greener earth and a brighter future.
In 2009 they came Canadian distributors for 2 eco friendly products:
Wrap-N-Mats, the resuable sandwich wrapper and placemat in one and Drop-Guard glass baby bottles, with a permanent silicone sleeve these glass bottles become shatterproof.

I really like having the opportunity to share new and great Eco-friendly products here at Organic Girl and my favorite has to be their Wrap N Mats. I have also had the opportunity to win a set of small Greentainers from another Canadian Blog blog many many months ago, I use these containers for everything and I love them. Months later they still look great!  Of course when I was contacted by EnviroBottles.ca I was thrilled to be sent both a purple Wrap-N-Mat and their new Drop Guard Baby Bottle for Review.
  I had originally read they are helpful in controlling the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria making these great for school desks and with so many sandwiches going to school on a daily basis, I knew I was going to like using these handy wraps. The wrap-n-mat is a great way to save the landfills from receiving countless plastic sandwich wrappers every day.  These reusable sandwich/snack wrappers allow you to keep your lunch fresh, as well as provide you with a clean place to eat when you unwrap your sandwich - instant placemat.  Fabric lined with foodsafe plastic.  This is a great and easy way to pack your kids lunch.  Available in green, red, blue, green, black, purple, pink and orange and a variety of prints and they are
Why use a wrap-n-mat?
  • Clean eating surface anywhere
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Washable and lightweight
Easy to Use . Simply place the sandwich or other snack foods in the center of the wrap and fold left to right, top to bottom and close with velcro tabs. 
WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps keeps food fresh for hours. When needed, place a cold pack alongside the mat. Detailed Washing Directions they recommend hand washing in warm water and air dry. About the plastic used to line wrap-n-mats:
FDA approved to be in contact with food, phthalate free, lead free.
LDPE is the same material as the typical plastic sandwich bag but WRAP-N-MAT wraps are made with a thicker grade of LDPE to ensure its re-usability. 
The thicker material allows less air to penetrate, keeping what’s inside fresher than the typical plastic sandwich bag. WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps made in China have a lining made of LDPE. Wraps made in China are manufactured under Fair Trade Association-approved guidelines. In addition, the colors on the ECO print are made with vegetable dye. All of their China and Made in Canada WRAP-N-MAT® Wraps are LEAD FREE.
I was also happy to Review an EnviroBottles Drop Guard Baby Bottle. I have had the pleasure of having to be able to have tried a few of the other kinds.  This one is very different in the fact that the protective coating is on the bottle , not separate like the other kinds with skins. This is another option for parents that want to use glass and not have to worry about breaking it on the floor etc. 
Drop-Guard utilizes an innovative design technology to protect infants and toddlers from broken glass.
Drop-Guard 4 ounce-Clear - Click Image to Close
Drop-Guard’s glass containment system is the safety parents look for with glass baby bottles. Their silicone sleeve is a permanent accessory on the baby bottle creating a maintenance-free alternative 
  • Silicone sleeve contains all the GLASS and LIQUID.
  • Permanently adhered directly to the bottle, does not wear off.
  • Bacteria and germs cannot get between the glass and silicone.
  • Easier to handle and less slippery to parents and babies.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.
  • Crystal Clear over-mold, cannot tell it’s shatterproof until you touch it. nipple is silicone and the Bottle is EvenFlo!
 It can get a little fuzzy on the outside as it can pick up fuzz and lint a bit, whether this bothers you or not it is up to you really.
I do like the size for Newborn babies and the available colors are a great!
Thank you EnviroBottles.ca for the Review opportunity. To purchase the above products simply visit Envirobottles.ca
Check out Envirobottles.ca blog HERE

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