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Monday, March 8, 2010

Winners Wysi Wipe, True North Gear :)

I love great weather here in Ontario -it just means spring is just around the corner.  It was a super weekend and I sorta took some time off writing to celebrate my Sons Birthday !!! Hard to believe 10 yrs have pasted since I had my second born. I will always remember his birth as he was 9lbs 6 oz!! and all we could think was wow! He is growing up to be a great kid :)

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3/3/2010 20:38:54   Karen F  karf***@yahoo.ca  
Environmentally friendly wipe!
Wysi Wipe #20
3/6/2010  22:12:40  Shawna M   shaw*****@ymail.com
dt#3  http://twitter.com/ShawnaMichelle2/status/10104577466
Wysi Wipe #21
3/5/2010  23:48:07  Kateri M  kateri******@gmail.com
My husband and I would use them most when hiking. You are already carrying so much gear it is nice that they are so compact and easy to use. 
Entries: 274
Winner: 203
2/24/2010  2:17:24
Doris C  calv****@telus.net 
tweet   http://twitter.com/dewinner/status/957018341

Congratulations Winners,
Thank you everyone for entering


  1. Time passes super fast as a Mommy. I definitely feel your pain both psychologically and physically. My oldest is turning 16 this summer:( *sigh* He was 9lbs 7oz at birth which seems completely insignificant in comparison to his sister who weighed in at 11lbs 5 oz nearly 4 years ago. OMG, I wish I had a C-section!!
    I absolutely love your blog Kara. Keep up the great work. Read it every single day!!

  2. Congrats you lucky winners. Yahoo.
    Yes, I agree. The weather is beautiful, here in Ontario. We had quite the winter. No crazy snow storms or blizzards. It wasn't crazy cold. Winters are surely changing here in Northern Ontario. Hello Spring.

  3. Thank you so much Paula:) I really appreciate all my readers and their families!



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