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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winners Nanas Natural, My Royal Heinie and much more!!

 I have to admit that I am really glad that School Returns on Monday for at least 3 of my Children, well sorta 2 and one part-timer but hey Monday is coming and I'm not complaining here :) 
It has been a busy, but fun week with the kids. The weather was fantastic and there is no longer any site of Winter any where to be seen. Well at least for now, it could easily snow again. But lets hope NOT.

Nanas Natural Nappies 

Entries: 339
Winner: 8
2/14/2010  8:16:09 Candace  cand**_****@yahoo.com
My Favorite is Snaps in Red

Zazzle $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway
Entries: 215
Winner: 141
3/4/2010  8:50:36 Mona C  mon******9@yahoo.com

Leap Frog Creations Giveaway 
Entries: 320
Winner: 187
2/28/2010  19:19:03  Lisa L  tyl*****@gmail.com
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Skin Care RX $150 Gift Certificate Giveaway
Entries: 1299
Winner: 870 3/7/2010  Jenn H  cushy****@hotmail.com

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My Royal Heinie Giveaway 
Entries: 282
Winner: 187
3/7/2010  0:34:04  Melissa  msp****@gmail.com
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hairykids Giveaway 
Entries: 373
Winner: 335
3/17/2010  19:16:58  Clarissa N  claris***a@*****.com
thinkbaby Giveaway 
Entries: 126
Winner: 38
2/14/2010 5:24:42 Stephanie G  glass.*****@gmail.com
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Honey Cat Cosmetics Giveaway 
Entries:  729
Winner: 399
2/3/2010  17:58:16  Nuri  nury*****@live.ca
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Yum SkinCare Travel Set Giveaway {$65}
Entries: 552
Winner: 153
2/15/2010  13:48:31 Karen T  rally_*******@hotmail.com
I follow #2

Wysi Wipes #28
3/16/2010 22:34:48 Dorothy D  djd***@switch.com
WysiWipesThey are Handy when Clean up while traveling

 Wysi Wipes #29
3/4/2010 18:52:01  Benita  bgcc****@yahoo.com
I love these because you can use them for virtually everyting and the only additive are liquid you use.
Wysi Wipes #30
 3/8/2010 11:34:09  Carol L  spenc****@gmail.com

Follow wysiwipe on Twitter!~dresdenrain. entry 2. 
Wysi Wipes #31
3/11/2010 cgies***@hotmail.com Cindy

They would be great for camping and travel.
 I love that they are biodigradeable and don't have have anything added
(fragrance, parabens, etc).

Congratulations Winners!!
I have emailed Everyone! but Please check your all your email {this includes the junk :)}  
Thank you Everyone For entering!

I will have Vapour Organic Winners our later tonight. With over 900 Entries I had to Narrow it down to Canadian Only so it required a bit of time :)


  1. congrats to the winners

    Anxious to see who won the Dyson

  2. Wowy!
    Congrats to all the lucky winners :D



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