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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pop Art Toaster Disney's Hannah Montana Sandwich and Panini Maker Review!

The Pop Art Toaster was created by mom-entrepreneur Linda Carlish in 2005. After hearing from other mothers that they were cutting their childrens sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters and pairing knives in order to get their young picky eaters to eat, she decided there must be a better way. Linda's patented toaster uses removable and interchangeable image stencil plates that slide into slots in the toaster and toasts words or pictures onto your bread, pancake, muffin or any toastable product. A kid at heart, Linda decided children shouldn't have all the fun so she created several versions of the toaster to please adults, teens, brides, romantics and children of all ages. Not in the mood for picture toast today? Simply remove the image stencil plates and you have your regular, every day toaster. Who says you can't play with your food?
At Pop Art Toasters they sell toasters that brand fun images and phrases onto food! In addition, they have a 5-in-1 Tasty Baker that bakes all sorts of food into cute shapes and characters! They also sell a sandwich maker panini grill that brands images onto your grilled sandwiches!
 Pop Art Toaster has a Special Disney Section that I am sure your children will love.
 I know my Kids had a great time looking at the website. With so many fun characters and plates to choose from we were really thrilled to be sent the New Hannah Montana Sandwich and Panini Maker. 
The Timing was perfect,  it was the Friday of the March Break and I knew with the kids being home it was going to give me a great chance to try this out.  
This fabulous 2-in-1 Maker browns and heats 2 Hannah Sandwiches or plain paninis at one time.  
The interchangeable, non-stick grill plates easily snap in and out for easy clean up and are dishwasher safe. This modern, stylish appliance offers a cool touch exterior and plate handles for extra safety. 
With the kids coming and going this was super easy and fast to use. I know even my 13 yr old and her friends all enjoyed a Hannah Montana  Sandwich :) With the Edges sealed this makes a really great easy to hold filled sandwich. Ham and Cheese go really great together and within 10 min you have Two great Sandwiches.   
This fabulous 2-in-1 Maker browns and heats 2 Hannah Sandwiches or a plain paninis at one time. The interchangeable plates make it very versitile and the handy Brush makes cleaning this very easy. It really makes lunch time quick. I like not having to turn my Stove on for a Grilled cheese etc so this is perfect.  My kids love the crunchy crust it gives the sandwish! Great for Dipping as my oldest puts it! {This being Ketcup lol}  This is a great item and it makes for a great gift.  Know a Couple Getting Married and need a fun Gift Check out Pop Art Toaster Chrome Collection!!! What about a House warming Gift!! The Pop Art Toaster takes the simpliest item like Toast and turns your Plain Jane toast into someting your kids will get excited about, or How about the New Hannah Montana Sandwish and Panini Maker.   How cool is that???
Thank you so much LC Premiums, Ltd. for the Review opportunity!
Go to their informational and fun website www.poparttoaster.com to find recipes and a  contests.  Become a Fan of Pop Art Toaster on Facebook HERE
To Purchase your Very own Pop Art Toaster Click HERE  

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  1. Just as an aside...I went to college with the the actor who plays Jackson...Hannah Montana's brother in the show.



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