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Monday, February 8, 2010

Lush - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Review

At Lush they believe- In making effective products from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.
Lush believes in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals and testing their products on humans. At Lush they invent their own products and fragrances, they make them fresh by hand using little or no preservatives or packing, using only vegetarian ingredients and tell you when they were made. Lush believes in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mum’s proud.
They believe in long baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again. 
This is the time of year where no matter what, our skin can be left dry , cracked and even itchy. We all know that cold winter weather does a doozie on skin and hair.  That’s why LUSH Cosmetics is introducing the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Kit, a limited-edition, customizable kit for only $25.  Made with the freshest ingredients and finest essential oils, it will renovate everything from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes – take that, Jack Frost!
Lush was super and sent me one of their NEWest kits for Review.

 The Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Kit – its super cute – see below.
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Kit ($25)
The Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Kit contains nine fresh products to add moisture and combat cracked skin, dry tresses and parched complexions caused by the nip in the air.  The kit contains one facial cleanser, one moisturizer* and one shampoo bar – all of your choice – plus a Vitamin C Toner Tab, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter*, Handy Gurugu Hand Cream*, mini Each Peach Massage Bar, mini Sugar Scrub and Fair Trade Foot Lotion*.  With these nine fresh, moisturizing products, LUSH literally has you covered from head to toe.
*sample size
 I cant tell you which is my favorite as they are all wonderful. 
 The Nine Products included in this kit all have such wonderful benefits for the skin.
I love the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter- This little jar I have is going to last me forever as a little goes a long way. Its really wonderful for those cracked dry areas around the nail.
This little pot looks deceptively innocent – inside is a thick, nourishing butter that moisturizes the hardest areas – elbows, heels, cuticles and nails. You just need a tiny dab (one pot lasts us months) of this rich lemon cream. Rub the Shea butter, cold pressed avocado oil and mango butters in to moisturize and nourish skin. Massage a bit in daily and you won't have to deal with hangnails and cracked skin any longer!
The Handy Gurugu Hand Cream is another mellow lotion. You'd think because this hand lotion has such a light and fluffy consistency it would be lightly moisturizing, but Handy Gurugu is a rich cream that sinks in quickly and really goes to work on dry, sore hands. They mix in a multitude of butters including fresh Shea butter, purchased fairly from women who whip it up by hand in a village in Ghana.
 Fair Trade Foot Lotion is another lotion that not only smells super yummy, but works so well at soothing the feet. The smell of peppermint and spearmint is wonderful .
Feet are hard working and darn it, they deserve to be recognized! At the end of a long day, dip your fingers (or toes) into this creamy pink mixture and let the spearmint and peppermint cool your tootsies while arnica soothes and almond oil and fair trade cocoa butter soften and moisturize. Not only will your feet thank you, but so will those around you when your feet feel soft and smell divine. Use this after a Volcano foot mask for post-pedi softness.
Guilty Pleasure Sugar Scrub is great for the shower. This is a one time use scrub, and works super at exfoliating the skin, leaving it renewed.
This Sugar Scrub is the toughie of the pair. While it scrubs your old dead skin away, it also tickles you with ginger root to stimulate your circulation. They add fennel to help to tackle cellulite, although walking three miles a day and drinking two litres of liquid also helps (coffee counts, as long as it's not all coffee). Getting a good scrub with Fair Trade sugar makes you feel good all over, from your lovely smooth buttocks to your nice clean conscience.
 The Vitamin C toner Tab is something new to me, as I have never used one before. This was a steamy nice way to refresh the face. They invented this packaging and preservative-free toner tab to delight dry and more sophisticated (aka mature) skin with sandalwood and rose essential oils. Drop this tab into hot water and let the nutrients rise with the steam and soak in. 
Each Peach {and twos a pair}Lovely solid bars of moisturizing butters and gorgeous essential oils melt on warm skin instead of messing about with bottles. Plus, they're preservative-free for a conscience and body pleasing mode of relaxation. The hardest part of using them? Trying to convince someone that massage is a much better sport reciprocated.Cocoa butter is a hard dry butter which is very stable. It melts at body temperature, which is ideal for chocolate as it is solid at room temperature but melts in the warmth of the mouth. It is this property that we find so useful in our Massage Bars. Massages are enjoyable for numerous reasons; they help us relax, they soothe sore muscles, and sometimes (like when you use an Each Peach) they moisturize your skin and uplift your spirits. Because this bar is packed with cocoa, shea, avocado and mango butters, it's a fantastic moisturizer. Plus, Lush add sweet orange oil, lime and grapefruit oils to refresh and wake you up. Perfect for a fruity, uplifting massage.
 The Last Three products in my kit included:  Dark Angels Facial Cleanser, Gorgeous Facial Moistuizer and a Wonderful Bar of Shampoo!! 
Dark Angels Facial Cleanser-This is their soft black sugar scrub that feels oh-so-good when you rub it in and leaves your skin glowing. The velvety texture is sprinkled with black sugar and powdered charcoal to gently exfoliate and cleanse away excess oils. We add rhassoul mud and vitamin-rich cold pressed organic avocado oil to soften, moisturize and nourish skin, as well as sandalwood and rosewood oils to soothe. We're all in love with this daily cleanser (even those of us who don't have young or oily skin can't resist it!) This is very different and with a hint of charcoal it works at cleaning the skin for something so unusual. Remember each kit comes with Your Choice of facial cleanser, so if your not into Dark Angel Facial Cleanser maybe your into a scrub like their Salt Cleanser. It is up to you:)
At LUSH they like to use what nature gave us to keep our
skin looking its best.  At Lush they keep on developing moisturizers each time they discover another way to use a nutritious fruit, herb or vegetable. Because they aren't bright or big, their moisturizers used to be a pretty well kept secret but now the secrets out and they're getting the credit due to them.
 The Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer-This is another Favorite.
They begin with the beautifully moisturizing and nourishing coconut oil, olive oil and cold pressed avocado oil. Then add in vitamin-rich cold pressed evening primrose and wheatgerm oils and fresh lemon, orange and pineapple juice to brighten your skin and leave it looking matte. Finally, they add two of the finest essential oils, neroli and orange flower to brighten your skin and make you smile. You must try this moisturizer; it's simply gorgeous.
This has all of my favorite ingredients in it and is a definate favorite of mine. It is fresh, non-oily and nurishes my face so well. Again a little goes a long way with this.

Lastly the Solid Shampoo Bars that Lush make are a wonderful product for the hair.
They have been making solid shampoo bars ever since the early days. Back then Lush couldn't afford bottles they combined their needs with the belief that making solid products is better because it means they don't need preservatives. Even though they can afford bottles now, Lush still loves their solid shampoos and you will too. These are some of the most effective cleansing and conditioning products you'll ever put on your head. Product inventors Helen Ambrosen, Mo and Mark Constantine formulate them carefully so choose yours with equal care to suit your needs and solve your problems. Lush included their NEW Bar of Shampoo.
This isn't their newest shampoo bar, they call it New because it's full of stimulating essential oils to encourage healthy hair growth. Lush put in refreshing peppermint and cinnamon infusions for a healthy scalp and stimulating rosemary and nettle absolutes for shine. If you're losing your mane because of hormones or age, you could go out and buy a new toupee, but first try New shampoo and see if it doesn't do the trick. Use it with The Hair Doctor for a major scalp stimulating experience. This was super on my hair and I like how it left it. I have thick hair and it did the job at shamooing the whole thing!
I really think this is a Super kit to have. It is something I totally recommend. With Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes you get such a great set of products to try out it is definately worth the money.
Available while supplies last.  Bring back any of the pots in the kit and get 15% off the full size equivalent (valid until April 30, 2010).

At LUSH they make fresh products by hand with love, including:  
Bath: Bath Bombs, Bubble Bar Slices, Luxury Bath, Melts, Soaps, Shower, Buttercreams, Shower Jellies, Shower Gels & Smoothies, Emotibombs , Sugar Scrubs.  Haircare: Solid & Liquid Shampoo, Solid & Liquid Conditioner, Hair Masks, Henna Hair Dye, Styling Gels 
SkincareCleansers, Toners, Moisturizers,Shaving Creams,Lip Balms,Dusting Powder,Deodorants,Massage Bars, Body Butters, Hand & Body Creams, Foot Care 
Solid Fragrances , Perfumes 
And gorgeous wrapped gifts for everyone!!
To purchase any of the Mentioned products visit
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Thank you LUSH for the Awesome Review opportunity. This is a Kit definately worth Buying
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