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Thursday, February 4, 2010

GoGreenBamboo.com Review and Discount Code!

In today's world of dwindling resources and heavy chemical use in the growing and production of clothing fibers, isn't it nice to know that there is a truly clean, green alternative! GoGreenBamboo.com is a Canadian online webstore pleased to offer you a range of quality products for the whole family. GoGreenBamboo.com is your online destination for soft, luxurious, eco-smart bamboo fashion fiber clothing and bath  accessories. GoGreenBamboo.com is committed to providing you with the finest quality natural apparel on the planet! Their product line includes: Men, Women, Baby, luxury towels, socks, bedding and lastly one of a kind gifts.

GoGreenBamboo products are constructed of farm cultivated Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens). This is not the type that Pandas dine upon.  
Why use Bamboo? Bamboo is grown without the need for chemical pesticides, it is highly sustainable and grows quicker than any other plant used in clothing manufacture. The impressive natural characteristics of bamboo include natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, thermal regulating qualities, antistatic, moisture wicking, odor resistance, and amazing softness and durability.
Bamboo apparel is awesome for athletes as it wicks sweat away almost instantly, and keeps babies and the entire family dry and comfortable winter or summer.
The odor resistant properties of bamboo mean less washing is required, therefore less water and detergent is needed. At the end of it's long life a bamboo garment is fully biodegradable and compostable. The ultimate eco-friendly fabric!

Go Green Bamboo Generoulsy sent me a wonderful Ladies Bamboo Cap Sleeve T-shirt in Earth Brown for Review.
New Shades: Navy, Rich Red, Earth Brown!
Soft, odor resistant tee for women. Nothing fits or feels like this!
Moisture wicking, body temperature regulating cap sleeve style fitted t-shirt for ladies.
Great base layer for sports activities in all weather.
70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton
The one thing that I love about Bamboo Clothing is that the Clothes are silky soft to the touch and drape beautifully for a flattering fit on you! It is Clothing that feels soft as cashmere against your skin. It has an incredible hand that feels much like heavy silk.
Bamboo "kun" is the naturally occurring component of bamboo fiber that imparts natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. The natural antibacterial properties means that your clothes stay fresh smelling longer when you work out.
 You can also wash them in cold water and they will come out sweet smelling unlike other fibers. You save on electricity and water and can feel good about your part to preserve the environment.  Go Green Bamboo recommends that you wash your bamboo items in cold or warm water, preferably on the gentle cycle. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. You may tumble dry but garments will retain their shape better if dried flat. I have washed and dryed my t-shirt according to what they recommened and it fits great after each wear.  I love the whole feel of Bamboo, the quality is wonderful and my tee is soft breathable and it is a very flattering fit for a women. I also like the price tag of this Tee Shirt.  
At $18.95 , Go Green Bamboo is priced right making it affordable for you to have great Bamboo Wear. It's a great price to pay for such a great quality item.
Did you know that 100% viscose from bamboo garment is equivalent to SPF 14. 
I was also sent a Compressed Bamboo Towel to try out!
This Incredible compressed towel expands from a 2" disk
to a full 12" x 20" with 3 tablespoons of water or less. Just like other brands of wipes this works great around the house. I really liked how durable it was to reuse. Definately 5 stars  here as I like disposable clothes! These are a new hot item! Very thick and usable for a disposable towel.

Compressed Bamboo Towels:
*Makes a thoughtful, endlessly useful gift!
*Compact, convenient and totally portable.  
*Great for the outdoor enthusiast ; camping, backpacking, cycling, golfing,
*any sport (a gym bag staple),
*travelling, emergencies (keep a couple in your glove box),
*baby cleanups,
*wiping down the dog, the uses are endless.
*Cool down, clean up, rinse and repeat.
*Reusable, antibacterial 100% eco-friendly bamboo.
*Fully compostable - breaks down in about 2 months.
There are other compressed towels out there, but they are
not composed of amazing, hypoallergenic, absorbent, baby safe bamboo!
Viscose from Bamboo clothing is the natural choice for your family, your home and the earth. Bamboo is a highly sustainable crop that is fast growing, requires no pesticide, is naturally antibacterial, soft, and moisture wicking - a comfortable, healthy material for babies, a great base layer for athletes! Good for you, good for the environment!  Thank you Go Green Bamboo for the wonderful Review opportunity. 
To purchase any of the above mentioned products visit:
Go Green Bamboo.com has also generously offered my Readers a wonderful 15% Discount Code exclusive to you!!!
15% use Code: 15Green

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