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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bummis Easy-Fit Review and Giveaway Ends March 22, 2010

 Bummis began as the proverbial “kitchen table business”, started by 3 mothers who were using cloth diapers on their own babies and were inspired to create the products they themselves needed. That was way back in the 1980’s. It remained a home business until it grew too large to fit into any home! Since then, Bummis has grown and prospered while staying true to the vision that inspired its inception and the values that fuelled its growth.
  At Bummis they believe that once parents see how easy it is to use cloth diapers, they will use them! So they focus on making it easy – through the products they design and distribute, the washing and using information they disseminate and the customer service they are so passionate about.

Shirley and Betsy have been working together since 2000, and have made it their mission to establish Bummis as a sustainable model of business - one that supports community in many different ways. Bummis has two beautiful little stores in the Montreal area where they sell tons of cloth diapers, baby carriers and breastfeeding supplies. They produce everything they can in their factory in Montreal, and they use North American components as much as is humanly possible. For the products and components unavailable to them here in North America, Bummis works with long-time, reputable partners in the UK and Pakistan. Everything – both manufactured here and imported - is tested for non-toxicity and also where relevant for good biodegradability standards.
Bummis switched their cloth diapers to GOTS certified cotton. Even though their prefolds by the dozen are now slightly more expensive, they feel that it is completely worth it.  Using organic cotton further reduces the carbon footprint of using cloth diapers, and it protects everyone in the chain – from grower to sewer to baby. It also protects the earth from the chemical overuse that threatens soil, air, water and biodiversity, and promotes a more sustainable way of life.

Bummis Product line consists of: Bummis Diaper Covers: Super Whisper Wrap, Super Brite, Super Snap, Polar Bummi, Bummi Original, Whisper Pant
Plus: Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers, Bio-soft Liners, Swimmi, Tote Bags, Fabulous Wet Bags.
Bummis is also the North American distributor of the Bamboozle diaper by Totsbots.
Brand New at Bummis: Organic Cotton Diaper Kit, Fabulous Wet Bags and
The Easy-Fit by Totsbots!

I was delighted to Review the new diaper Bummis is now Currently supplying called Easy-Fit. I know there are a lot of wonderful diapers out there on the market. They all have their advantages and disadvantages but I really have to say I love this diaper. I really like the strong velcro tabs,  It is very absorbent, and I also like the trim fit on Emma. The Easy-Fit has a great pocket opening so if  you feel you need more protection, then add another liner its that easy.  This diaper is smooth and soft to the touch.

I really like how trim it is and it also has all the snaps needed to make this a very adjustable diaper.  The flap at the back is also great for extra protection at the pocket opening.
The liner being attached is brilliant and it washes and dries super well. The tabs are wonderful and strong. A plus when doing laundry.
This diaper has great elastics in the areas that need them and I did not have any leaking issues at all!! I also love the amazing bright color selection!!!
From Bummis
"The innovative design of this diaper features a non messy stuff – easier than a pocket system. No fiddling around – a swift stuff to get the liner in is all you need… And – no more losing liners in the laundry! This super thirsty liner is actually attached to the diaper, making the Easy Fit a remarkable all-in-one diaper with many of the benefits of a two piece system – fast drying and easy to clean.
Its innovative design provides a very versatile absorption – the attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers of absorption where your baby needs it. (Plus you can adjust for the absorption you need for heavy wetters and nighttime by adding extra liners). The liner consists of 2 layers. Ultra soft rayon made from bamboo fibres against baby’s tender skin actually absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton – on contact – no run-off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees! And an ultra absorbent layer of 100% polyester microfibre basically doubles the absorbance. Protective side guards of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester prevent compression wetness. This is a diaper engineered for successful leak containment and total convenience! Its great fit was mentioned often by our testers – as well as generously sized Velcro type closures and fold-back laundry tabs that really stick. The Easy Fit is available in 2 sizes; one-size (8-35 lbs) that adjusts with snaps plus a remarkable Tini Fit size that will sweetly and effectively accommodate a tinier baby (5-12 lbs). 5 very trendy colours (Oeko-tex certified dyes!) plus white. Minimal packaging.
All Tots Bots products are manufactured in their own factory in Glasgow, Scotland from environmentally friendly fabrics. The rayon from bamboo fibres is also Oeko-tex certified and the bamboo fibre is produced in a “closed loop” system which recycles water and chemical output to ensure sustainability. We really enjoy working with this company! You can be confident that the products they manufacture are ethically as well as sustainably produced"
 Thank you Bummis for the wonderful review opportunity and for sponsoring this wonderful Giveaway at Organic Girl!!
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Thank you Bummis for the Review opportunity and for sponsoring this Giveaway at Organic Girl


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