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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winners- Burts Bees, Thristies, My Little Roo and so much more :)

Entries: 734
Winner: 398
1/20/2010    19:16:11
Heather Garland   heth****@gmail.com
daily tweet: http://twitter.com/hgarland/status/7314520261
Entries: 648
Winner: 600
 1/24/2010   14:00:44
Dana Jewers  dan*****@msn.com

Entries: 435
Winner: 58
12/25/2009   14:33:07
Marion   tayl*****@gmail.com
I love the Cranberry dress and the Glitter dress!
Entries: 198
Winner: 26
12/15/2009  0:10:18
Clarissa Neiding
Entries: 314
12/20/2009  15:15:2009
Stephani LaPlante   step****@hotmail.com
I blogged your giveaway #2 http://stephanie-laplante.blogspot.com/2009/12/solay-wellness-giveaway.html   
Winner: 583
1/23/2010  18:48:45
Donna Cohen  donna****@hotmail.com
I like the wild color of Wish You Were Here eyeshadow!

Congratulations to all the Winners!!!
And thank you everyone for entering both at Organic Girl and Today's Diva


  1. Yahooooo! Thank you Kara! I will watch my gmail for your email!

    -Heather Garland



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