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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warm Buddy Company Giveaway -4 Winners Ends March 3, 2010

Warm Buddy Company creates excellent feel good products to warm and comfort the body and soul. Warm  Buddy Company also created the original warm up plush animals
 Karen McKee is the president of Warm Buddy Company. Her background as a Registered Nurse combined with her interest in alternative therapies, herbal medicine and aromatherapy, led to studies in India at a natural healing hospital. She noted the hospital's application of herbal preparations and heat therapy to provide comfort and relief for many conditions. Upon her return to Canada, Karen discovered a heat wrap that was microwaveable and loved using it - so easy and comforting. An idea was born. With her idea and innovative thinking Karen McKee developed the first Warm Buddy™ heat wrap in 1995. The wraps surpassed what was on the market with improved heat holding capabilities, the addition of herbs and essential oils and unique designs and shapes. Originally the Warm Buddy products were aimed at the medical market and were widely used by medical practitioners and massage therapists in their treatments. Karen's Warm Buddy product line quickly grew and evolved.

The development of Warm Buddies such as teddy bears, kittens and puppies added a new dimension to the Warm Buddy business. These warm up animals are a huge comfort to sick children and have been used in children's cancer wards, as well as helping to soothe the elderly, or simply to appeal to the child in all of us.
The introduction of designer silks and soft chenille fabrics to Karen's aromatherapy wraps led her straight to the giftware and spa market. Elegant Warm Buddy products are now sold in leading spas and gift stores across Canada and the US. Today the Warm Buddy Company has expanded into the clothing lounge-wear market - luxurious spa robes.
Warm Buddy products are also effective when chilled in the freezer, to assist in the reduction of swelling and the symptoms of menopause. Warm Buddy products have a well established safety record. Karen McKee continues to get great pleasure every time she hears from another satisfied customer, store owner, or a spa that sells her products.
Warm Buddy Company creates excellent feel good products to warm and comfort body and soul.  Warm Buddy rejuvenating heat therapy products have become recognized for their superior quality and long heat holding ability.
Warm Buddy heat wraps and heat packs are safe, easy to use and highly effective. Simply heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer as desired. Their Body Wrap and Ultra Shoulder Wrap offer the perfect combination of moist heat, aromatherapy and acupressure. Use to comfort and ease the pain of sore backs, necks, shoulders, stomachs and sports related injuries. All of their heat packs, heat wraps, warming blankets and eye pillows are all proudly made in North America.

Warm Buddy Company's line of Home and Spa Comfort Products represent the highest quality and longest heat holding packs, eye pillows and shoulder wraps available. Designer covers available in an assortment of luxurious chenille and silk create products that are both unique, beautiful, and unsurpassed in quality and durability. Also included are cozy throws, robes and booties which will have you relaxing in total comfort and warmth. 
This signature line includes eye pillows, body wraps, sleep masks, neck wraps, shoulder wraps, sports therapy wraps, warming blankets, booties, socks, robes and cozy throws. 
Two Lucky Organic girl Entrants are going to be able to win a Body Heat Wrap!

The Body Wrap is the Warm Buddy staff's favorite heat wrap / heat pack. Simply heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer. Covers are available in the most luxurious chenille fabrics. The ultra body heat wrap contains natural grains & lavender flowers. It has LONG HEAT HOLDING ability of 1 hour or longer. Makes a very effective cold pack (place in freezer 1-2 hours). Use to comfort sore backs, shoulders, hips, stomachs, during labor, for aches and pains or warming up the bed. Packaged for travel, and washable cover. (10" x 20") All Warm Buddy heat packs are proudly made in Canada!
Warm Buddy™ products combine aromatherapy with moist, long lasting heat which make them a superior heat pack. They have created a wide range of products to assist in comforting a variety of symptoms. A blend of herbs and natural grains. The contents they use have been tried and tested to have a neutral odour and the a heat retention. Their Ultra Body Wrap will stay hot for 45 minutes or longer.
Warm Buddy Company has a complete line of accessory products to enhance and recharge the aromatherapy of their heat wraps. Their signature blends of pure essential oils are all you will need to keep your Warm Buddy heat wrap's aromatherapy at it's best. Anti Stress Bath Salts contain pure essential oils and a combination of Dead Sea and Epsom Salts to create the most rejuvenating and relaxing bath you have ever had. Their pure essential oils are great for recharging your Warm Buddy heat pack's scent. Use their pure soy wax lavender candles, essential oils and anti-stress bath salts to help create a relaxing environment. Try lounging around the house in our luxurious spa robes and shaggy slippers and you might never want to go outside again!

Warm Buddy Baby is a line dedicated to babies. The softest fabrics available have been used to create blankets, pillows and our famous baby safe Dream Pet Bear, Baby Beary, and Baby Wooly. Wrap your baby in total comfort and softness.
Warm Buddy Baby was designed with baby in mind. Warm Buddy Baby products are BABY SAFE, and for ages 1 year and up. Their new Warm Buddy Baby Sleep Collection includes: Baby Beary, Baby Wooly and the SleepyTime Bear. Our blankets and throws are so soft and cozy.

Warm Buddies are the original warm-up plush animals. Each of their Warm Buddies comes with a removable inner pack that can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Their Warm Buddy family includes: Beary the Bear, Wooly the Sheep, Warm Buddy Hot Chick, Leopard Kitten , Warm Buddy Puppies, Spa Bears, and Spud the Couch Potato. The perfect gift for ages 1-100. Warm Buddy warm-up plush animals are proudly made in North America.

This is what everyone is talking about!   Warm Buddy warm up animals have been awarded the presigious PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal of Approval for excellence in parenting products. The award is based on value, functionality, quality and appeal. All Warm Buddy warm-up stuffed plush animals are made in North America.

The Warm Buddy Company is proud to donate a portion of sales from Large Beary the Bear, Small Beary the Bear and our Bear Mitts to allow bear rehabilitators to care for cubs in need. Warm Buddy Co. and Bears Matter want to help bears live free in their natural habitat. Bears matter now and in the future! For more information please visit bearsmatter.com

Warm Buddy Company creates world famous feel good products to warm and comfort the body and soul. Warm Buddy microwavable aromatherapy heat wraps,
heat packs and the original warm up stuffed plush animals are great products for anyone at any age!

 "Everybody Needs a Warm Buddy™"
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Warm Buddy Company is generously giving Two Body Wraps and Two Bears away to Four Organic Girl entrants!! That's FOUR Winners!!!
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Ends March 3, 2010
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Thank you Warm Buddy Company for sponsoring this giveaway at Organic Girl.


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