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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aguacate & Co. Review and Giveaway at Today's Diva.ca

Aguacate & Co. is an independent, boutique retailer of premium, organic-based skin care products founded in 2007. At Aguacate & Co. they focus on providing the finest organic and all-natural ingredients for the appropriate care of one of the body's most significant resources: skin. Often taken for granted, skin is truly one of the more remarkable elements of our daily lives. Skin is the body's largest organ. It acts as the interface with our surroundings; protects our bodies from pathogens; holds together our bones, muscles, and vital organs; regulates body temperature; and allows for the sense of touch. On top of all this, skin is generally one of the first things others may notice about us. Our skin is an extraordinary asset and should receive proper maintenance and attention. With this their mission at Aguacate & Co. is to  offer a range of premium skin care products made with organic and natural ingredients, formulated to give men and women a simple, elegant way to pursue a wholesome skin care experience.
Aguacate & Co have developed their range of facial skin care products made with organic and natural ingredients cruelty free, and make every effort in their daily operation to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. And that is also why when you shop with Aguacate they give back a portion of all sales towards causes in support of the arts, community, and environment. They are also a proud member of One Percent For the Planet, an alliance of eco-conscious businesses committed to giving back at least 1% of sales to support environmental research.
Their approach to skin care is embodied by the Aguacate & Co.rebalancing ritual, an uncomplicated five-step process that nurtures skin's essential properties, ensuring a healthy, radiant complexion. The full complement of their products are specially formulated for dry, normal, and oily skin types, providing men and women of all skin types and ages a slate of suitable choices for great skin care at each step of the rebalancing ritual.
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~The Giveaway~
  Aguacate & Co is generously giving one Today's Diva Entrant a $20 Gift Certificate.
~To Enter~
Visit  Aguacate & Co. and choose what product you would love try,  come back here and leave your comment at the link below

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