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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winners- Best Baby Organics, Earth's Revolution and More

Entries: 248
Winner: 107
12/4/2009  13:17:03
Maggie  mstlawre****@gmail.com
I like a day at the pond and hide & seek. My favorite pocket pillow is silk-screened elephants on orange.

Entries: 195
Winner: 177
12/28/2009  10:12:01
Bethany  bethan****@gmail.com
email subscriber
Entries: 376
Winner: 85
11/30/2009  3:33:26 
Erin k. Mize   panicx****@yahoo.com
Favorite Tee: -Domino Effect
Hoodie- Polar Bear Swim

Entries: 732
Winner: 508
12/19/2009   16:20:36
Carolp8   carolrec***@hotmail.com
I subscribe to Organic Girls Blog #2

I have a Winner from Last week that I forgot to announce!!

Week Dec 23
Winner: 24
12/17/2009   12:54:15  Amanda
I'd rather walk than take a bus. I love wired Resisitance: Earring: Basic
Next Winner for Cool Planet will be Drawn Tomorrow Night:)

Congratulations Winners!

Thank you everyone for entering, Kara

Winners: The Charm Lady $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway and Everyday Minerals Weekly Winner also announced at Today's Diva..Check it out HERE

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