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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stonz Wear Review

100% of Stonz Wear products are made in Canada.
Great quality, easy to care for, easy to fit and they stay on!

The Store Behind Stonz Wear starts pretty simple: As an active mom based on Canada’s wet and rugged West Coast, Lisa discovered that finding warm footwear for her young kids was near impossible. With her five-month old son in a backpack, Lisa resorted to wrapping scarves around her son’s legs to keep him warm. When she met another mom who had 6 years earlier made a boot that looked a lot like a fleece-lined chalk bag for her child, Lisa instantly knew these booties could fill a need in the market. Together, they created some samples and attended their first trade show in 2004. While the original booties were created out of necessity, the company has grown out of a passion for the products’ ability to help parents connect with their kids in the great outdoors. With Lisa leading a growing team and closely involved in production at their head office in Vancouver, BC, the company continues to flourish into one of the dominant manufacturers of versatile children’s outdoor gear.

Stonz booties are made by hand, locally in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Stonz Wear baby booties are designed with a wide opening to slip on easily over bare feet, socks, sleepers, shoes or their Linerz. Stonz booties have a durable coated nylon that is water and wind resistant to keep babies feet warm and dry. Their booties have two toggles at the calf and ankle for a custom fit and ensuring the booties stay on. Stonz now offers hats and mitts for babies, toddlers and children. Their fleece hats and winter mitts will keep your little ones warm from head to toe. Stonz also offers Linerz that can be worn inside booties for extra warmth. They Fit snuggly inside the same-sized Stonz booties, up to size 4 years. Top of the Linerz can either fold over the top of the bootie or left tall for extra warmth under pants.

Stonz Hatz made with quality fleece in 2 styles - reversible and pointed. Available in sizes up to 5 years.  Stonz Mittz feature an “over the arm” design along with 5 layers of warmth for maximum protection and warmth. The toggle system ensures they stay on, just like Stonz booties. Available in sizes newborn to 7 year olds.
Lisa’s favourite quote is “There is no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing.”
 I was sent a wonderful pair of Stonz Booties in Hibiscus Burgundy for Emma and I love love these a lot. I pair them up with her Robeez Booties and away we go.

It has been really different weather here in Ontario. I remember last year we were buried in a lot of snow. A few feet of it actually. But this year the weather has been so mixed I have really been quite happy with my Stonz Booties for Emma. With or without her Robeez they fit well and are totally adjustable according to the weather.  Easy to slip on they have been a real pleasure for me to be using. I dread those boots that fall off, which seems like they tend to do a lot especially when you are still semi- carrying your child. So they are stylish and keep all the elements out at the same time. From Fall to Spring to Winter these booties will come in super handy for the next few months. Thank you Stonz Wear for the Awesome Review opportunity . I adore Emmas New Stonz and they are a very versitile boot that will get tons of use!!

  • For children aged newborn to 3 years.
  • Durable coated nylon upper provides wind and water-resistance.
  • Fleece lining provides warmth and comfort.
  • Wide opening designed to slip on easily.
  • Two adjustable toggles at calf and ankle provide custom fit and ensure Booties stay on!
  • Rubberized, skid-resistant soft soles.
  • Machine wash and dry, inside out on delicate cycle.
  • Made in Canada.
Stonz Bootie Features:
The booties are made of flexible fabric and have rubberized non-skid soft soles. The shoe does not need to fit exactly when choosing a size and can be worn with bare feet, with our Linerz or over a sock and shoe depending on how cold the weather is. Due to the generous and adjustable fit and flexible construction, children can often wear the same size throughout the year.  They can be worn as primary footwear (with just bare feet) or as a shell (worn with something else inside them like a sock/slipper/leather shoe). The booties are fleece-lined inside and coated nylon outside, making them wind and rain resistant. If the booties are going to be worn in very cold weather, we suggest adequate layering inside the booties. For example, you may choose to layer up with our Stonz Linerz, sheepskins slippers, or leather slippers for extra warmth. Robeez Booties work for us here!!

The key with the booties is assessing the weather you're about to be in and then layering up inside the booties accordingly. The booties are meant for all seasons; designed for flexibility in almost every outdoor weather condition. Stonz booties are made of coated nylon fabric making them rain repellent and wind resistant. The booties' soles are made of a waterproof rubberized fabric, the same fabric on the palm and thumb of our new Mittz (size Large and XL only), making the booties suitable for outdoor use. When the child is being carried, rain and wind will keep out of the booties.
With the success of their booties, Stonz is now looking beyond and has recently launched additional new products to outfit babies and children:
Larger Size Booties for children 2 to 4 years.

Where to purchase a pair of Stonz Wear Booties?

Stonz Wear accepts orders by phone at 604-568-6364 or toll free at 1-866-39STONZ. Their booties are sold in stores throughout Canada as well as internationally. See their Store Locator to locate a store near you. 
All Babies love Stonz!!

Jennifer Garner's youngest daughter Seraphina was spotted in Stonz Booties in the popular polka dot brown design.

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