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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nifty Nappy Review and Giveaway - Ends January 20, 2010

Having a diaper that fits and is trim but also breathes and is cute is asking a lot, right? Vilate Thacker, owner/designer of Nifty Nappy didn’t think so! Knowing it could be done with the right materials and knowledge she spent many hours on line researching cloth diapers, along with years of testing different patterns and fabrics out on her own 6 kids she finally found the right fabrics and with all the knowledge she had acquired and designed the Nifty Nappy Diaper
Qualities of the Nifty Nappy:
  • Front snapping for a longer fit
  • Trim fit – looks natural under clothes
  • Organic Hemp and Bamboo for absorbency
  • cute fabrics for your baby’s bum

This Nifty Nappy is just that, “Nifty”. It is a one size fits all for 7-35 lbs. This diaper is designed to be the only diaper you will need until you have potty-trained your young one! If your infant is too small it can be folded to fit smaller, and I will include those instructions with the diaper. Great for those with more than one in diapers. Only one type of diaper and it will fit all CD’d babies in your house. YEAH!!!

This diaper needs a cover.  Paired with a wool cover they are practically bullet proof!

Nifty Nappy is designed to fit below the belly so there are no gaps or that nasty diaper bulge that comes from other diapers. These are a rather thin fit diaper. Looks natural under clothes. The Nifty Nappy has the snaps through all the layers of fabric so they won’t pull through. Plus the high quality resin snaps make diaper changing a SNAP -couldn’t resist!
For care of the Nifty Nappy just throw in the wash and then she suggests hanging out to dry since the sun is a great helper in removing stains and killing the smell. They WILL dry in one cycle though if you don’t have the time to run them out to the line.
*you get information about the care of the Nifty Nappy with each purchase!

 I was sent a Nifty Nappy with the Free As A Bird  pattern and it is a nice addition to my cloth diaper stash for Emma. I do not have many cloth diapers with prints so this pattern is a great for a girl.  I really like this fitted diaper not for the look of course but as I am a mom and I want my diaper to work and I do not like leaky messes. Emma's new Nifty Nappy held up to some big naps and messes lately. Nifty Nappy has absorbed great, washed up well and has held its shape. Besides looking pretty, Nifty Nappy cloth diaper has wonderful snaps. They are the ultimate in snapping power on this diaper. She can not get out of this one!! and the overall fit is great. At this age Emma is wearing more pants and jeans and this diaper fits well under clothing without looking really bulky. 
To go along with Emma's Nifty Nappy Cloth Diaper, we were sent a wonderful pair of long Woolies. These are Emma's first pair of Long Woolies and I love them. They are going to be staying a family keepsake for her as they are made so beautifully. All seams Vilate sews are straight stitched then serged making them very strong. Her woolies are 

Longies- Longies are just soakers extended to the ankles.
Basically they are wool pants to use for a diaper cover.
 Kind of a 2 for 1 deal. You get a great diaper cover and cute pants!
As with the soaker there are the three types of longies;
crocheted/knitted, upcycled sweaters, and interlock wool. Nifty Nappy
Wool Covers, are practically bullet proofVilate only offers custom wool covers!  This is a really great service as you know baby's and toddlers are always changing shape. I sent Vilate all of Emma's Measurements and I was so thrilled that her Long Woolies and new Nifty Nappy Diaper fit Perfect

Nifty Nappy also makes: PeachyKeen Pocket diapers – These are made with the PUL qualities in mind so there is no leaking on the edges. Snappy SwimzEaze – Keeps your babies tush comfy while keeping your mind at ease, knowing that everything will stay in the diaper and not in the pool.

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Nifty Nappy is generously giving a Nifty Nappy Diaper and a pair of Woolies {long}for your child.
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Thank you Nifty Nappy for the Awesome Review opportunity and for sponsoring this giveaway at Organic Girl 


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