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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eco Gear Review - Coco Wear, Natural BodySoap, and "Takalong" Bark Wallet

At Ecogear, their mission is to simply offer everyday consumer products that will not harm the environment in its manufacture, its use and its end fate.For that reason, we have focused only on products that do not call for excessive energy to produce or leave a murky soup of toxins.We use all natural materials wherever we find them, insist on certified organic ingredients, package our products with minimal packaging so that
when you’re done with it, all that’s left is the faintest of footprints
on the environment.
Sustainable lives at Ecogear means making conscious lifestyle decisions, examining every aspect of our daily lives to find out what we’ve done so wrong all these years that mother nature herself is on the verge of collapsing on us. In looking back at the way we’ve lived, its clear that those lifestyles could not go on and the recession we’re in has been the best wake up call. We cannot afford to consume the way we have, with reckless disregard for the consequences of our daily actions.In moving onward, we all must step up to the next level, discard our animal ways of stuffing ourselves without regard for tomorrow, we must leave our fascination for bright lights and trinke.
Incredible Ecogear is a firm supporter of environmental actions and through its Special Tees program, raises funds for various groups that campaign for human rights and the environment. They are proud supporters of  great organizations who campaign tirelessly to protect those that cannot speak out for themselves.  Causes such as The Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Nature Canada; to conserve and protect nature, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and more. As a part of the company’s total transparency policy, all details of the company’s operations, its manufacturing sources are available to any consumer groups that want to verify its environmental claims or fair trade status.

 Eco gear Coco wares are made from recovered coconut trunks or the coconut shell itself.
Ecofactors :
- all natural solid blocks of coconut trunk
- no laminates or lacquers.
- Least energy used.
Fair trade product from Vietnam.We will be sending 10 children to school through our trade with the cocowares. These are the children of the workers who work on our cocowares. Full details and names available online.

Ecogear jewellery is all natural fashion jewellery. Made from tree nuts and natural seeds, these exotic creations conjure up images of sizzling Latin America! Handmade and designed in Colombia by Sandra Fonseca, this is a fairly traded product that is most environmentally friendly. Our all natural products including our fine tagua jewellery are our way of saying that this is the only way to sustainable living.
Eco factors:
- least energy used.
- No petroleum based products.
- Minimal mining, the earring hooks are sterling silver but that’s it.
- Least chemicals used. Some of the seeds,nuts are dyed with organic based dyes.
- Fair trade product from Colombia. To meet the designer, please visit her page.

Their clothing is made from 100% recycled fibres.
Eco factors :
- landfill diversion from recovered preconsumer cotton clippings.Recycled water bottles.
- Least water and energy used to produce fabric.
- Sewn and printed in Canada from US fabrics.
- printed with organic inks and/or water based inks with zero PVC/pthalates.
- Hangtags,if present, printed on 100% recycled paper.Attached with jute string and reusable pin.
- Zero presence of any petroleum based product,with the exception of the recycled PET bottles.

At Ecogear, they believe that we all
can make a difference in the quality of lives of people.

Eco Gear is proud to be able to work with these artisans from all over
 the world and they hope that with your support, we will be able to provide more work
for them so that they too, get a chance to make a living with their hands.

Increasing demand for palm oil has resulted in massive deforestation, taking away natural resources from the Penan,who rely on the jungles for subsidence. To create a different means of income for the Penan,who are known for their intricate handicrafts, the Sarawak Economic Development Council established Sarakraf, a venture to promote craft made from the the tree bark of the "takalong" tree.
From this collection I was sent a lovely 6" wallet made from the bark of the" takalong" for review.

It is thin and compact and holds your bare essentials but is quite a keepsack. From hand made jewelry boxes to small purses these wonderful hand made items are handy as well as functional.
From the Helping Hands Collection I was also sent Two awesome Coco Wear Salad utensils.

From the coco wood, which is a soft wood from the dried trunk of the tree, comes ecogear dinnerware. Shaped into different forms, the coco dinnerware does not use any lacquers or chemical finishes. It is pre finished with an initial coating of vegetable oil to prevent warping and cracking and it is recommended that you keep it oiled if its not in daily use.They are so unique yet functional and they have become a great addition to my daily salads. Mixing salad never got easier; yet eco Chic!

My last favorite has to be the the Ecogear Body Care Products and their hand made Natural Bar Soaps

Made in small batches, their artisans have carefully created these truly amazing blends to give you the best in skin care that only nature can provide. Sooth your soul with their aromatherapeutic bath oils, calm tense muscles with our Bath salts and when you’re done done, nourish and repair your skin with our full line of body lotions and creams. Ecogear bodycare products consists of: handmade bar shampoo, bar body soap, Shea butters and Salt Scrubs. All of their Body care Products are made from certified organic ingredients.
Eco factors :
    * Certified organic all natural ingredients
    * Zero petroleum based product.
    * Least energy as its hand made.
    * Label is printed on 100% recycled paper, designed with minimal print to provide just enough visual appeal. 
I was ever so fortunate and was sent a variety of hand made bar body soaps to review. 
Made with 78% certified organic ingredients.
Ylang ylang is a Chinese flower with a pungent smell - however, cleverly mixed with spearmint and chamomile, this soap is reminiscent of bubble gum! Suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.
Made with 78% certified organic ingredients.
Reminiscent of classic Indian Chai tea, this soap captures the striking, spicy scent. With strong deodorizing properties, this soap makes for memorable hand washing in the kitchen or bathroom.
Made with 76% certified organic ingredients.
Our Citrus soap is a blend of 4 stimulating and uplifting citrus fruit essential oils. This soap will leave your skin feeling soft and toned. Recommended for most skin types.

 To purchase any of the above wonderful products visit Ecogear here

Find EcoGear on FaceBook HERE
Thank you EcoGear for the wonderful Review opportunity at Organic Girl

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