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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Earthzone Giveaway! Ends January 23, 2010

Earthzone is proud to launch the world's most environmentally friendly pencil. Their company is committed to producing top-quality eco friendly products at low prices. Earthzone's recycled HB and specialty pencil lines are non-toxic and made of whole sheets of 100% recycled newspapers.  The leads sharpen easily and do not break, lasting up to 3 times longer than regular wood pencils. 
Did you Know?

To make traditional HB pencils, forests the size of 90 tennis courts are cut down every minute to supply wood. Each year, 14 billion of these pencils are made in polluting factories and thrown away in landfills that harm our ecosystems. Scientific studies have proven that producing pencils in this way is damaging the environment. 

 Earthzone pencils are made of 100% recycled newspaper and require no raw materials or toxic chemicals. By reusing a 4-foot stack of newspapers, one 40-foot pine tree can be saved. No Earthzone pencil is the same, and they look and feel exactly like conventional pencils, only they perform better. You can even recycle the shreds when you sharpen them! They're made from 100% recycled newspapers. No trees were harmed in the making of these pencils!  You get smooth, high quality writing each time.
The erasers are latex free! Sharpens really easily.
Each pencil is made from a different newspaper and really looks cool when you sharpen them.
No toxic chemicals!

Why earthzone pencils?:

  • Each pencil is unique and special, just like you!
  • Because Earthzone pencils are the best quality and coolest pencils you can buy anywhere!
  • Because pencils don't have to be boring to be environmentally friendly!
  • Because they're perfect for writing, drawing, or colouring, for people of all ages at school, home, or in the office.
  • They believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect our environment, and using Earthzone pencils is a simple way you can make a big impact on improving the health of our planet.
  • Because Earthzone cares about the earth as much as we care about our customers. Earthzone Recycled Pencils are available online and at over 300 university and college bookstores, art stores, gift shops, stationary stores, and drugstores across Canada and the USA.

 ~The Giveaway~
Earthzone is generously giving one Organic Girl Entrant a package that includes 
  12 Colored
and lastly 12 Artist!!! 
~To Enter~
Visit  Earthzone and tell me where Earthzone is based and who owns and manufactures this great Recycled product, come back here and leave your comment at the link below.
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This Giveaway is open to US and Canadians
Ends January 23, 2010
Thank you Earthzone for sponsoring this giveaway at Organic Girl


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