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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Skype-You don't Have it???

Well for many of you I am sure you have heard of Skype and how to make cheap calls to others when they are Skype users as well. That is all free and great but what I love most about Skype is when I pay their minor fees and I mean minor(under $10/ month no long distance charges in North America Ever, no matter how long you talk) for phone service that is so much better than Ma Bell it is sick. I pay $2.95/month to be able to call any phone in North America free for as long as I want to talk. www.skype.com That is crazy , and beyond cheap. To receive calls from any phone to my Skype line I pay $6/ month to have a phone number people can just call like any land line.Click here to get your unique SkypeIn number That's a whopping $8.95 a month total for my phone bill. That is a great deal but when you figure in that this fee also includes all long distance, Call Answer, Call waiting, conference calling and the best video call system available on the market it can't be beat. Even if you use normal landlines why not have an extra Skype line for long distance, for business it cannot be beat. I know many of you say well then my computer must be on 24/7 and that must be tricky to use but here is our phoneView larger image.
It rings and works like any other cordless phone only it is dirt cheap to use. It just plugs into a USB port and away you go. I don't sell much personally on this site but if Skype interests you and you want to save some money on your phone bill please use one of our links to get to these great deals at Skype and help support Organic Girl.ca
Call ordinary phones anywhere in the world from your computer for the price of a local call with SkypeOut. www.skype.com

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