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Monday, October 5, 2009

Boon Bug Pod Review

It all began with a messy toddler bathtub. This led designer Rebecca Finell to first develop the Frog Pod, and with the help of her business partner, successfully start Boon Inc. Boon Inc. creates innovative and stylish children's products that help make parents' lives easier. Often combining multiple functions, Boon products are designed with clean, modern styling, appealing to both parents and children.

Frog PodOdd DucksSplatFlairStash

Meet the Bug Pod, Joining the Frog Pod in the fight against moldy bath toys, the Bug Pod has a drain able scoop for collecting and rinsing toys making clean up fun and easy. A wall-mounted base makes for easy storage and it attaches to the bathtub wall with either super-strong adhesive strips or screws. Just like her brother, the Bug Pod has a shelf for bath products and her antennae can be used to hang accessories

My family was sent the Boon Bug Pod to review and I have used it daily since putting it up. It was quick and easy to install and the kids could hardly wait to have a bath just to use it. I have always had trouble finding storage for wet bath toys and the Boon Bug Pod has finally solved it for me. The convenient holes allow for enough air circulation that the bath toys are always dry and never sit wet. This is a super accessory to have especially when you have children that love to play in the tub:)
Suggested retail $34.99

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  1. I love the look of those! They are adorable. I especially like the froggy ones!



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