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Sunday, October 4, 2009

HABA Review

"The stuff that (play) dreams are made of"

In 1938 HABA started out as a “Factory for fine wooden toys”. Today they find that toys don’t always need to be wooden, but they do always need to be right for children!
It all began with finely polished wooden toys, colorful that were “finely sanded and polished wonderfully smooth, just right for tender children’s hands,” as the 1939 catalogue emphasized. Today these blocks are still part of product line, but the factory for fine wooden toys has been transformed into “the producer of inventive playthings for inquisitive minds.” Games, jewelry, tableware, lamps, or rugs: the HABA range includes around 1,500 items.
I was thrilled when we received the Sevilla Building Blocks from HABA to review. Even the Big kids could not wait to get their hands on building something cool. The overall color and quality is by far superior to any other wooden blocks my children have had in the past. Emma loves the colors and she gets quit excited when the big blue box comes out. The blocks are chunky and solid making them wonderful for small little hands and the different shapes are fun for her to experiment with.

Building Blocks Sevilla

The Sevilla Set has 25 pieces including rattle, bell, mirror, magnifier, peephole and prism - all made of beechwood.
Other Building Sets by HABA
HABA wants to playfully support children’s development, make their lives happier, more exciting, and full of the delight of discovery: to put it simply, to make their world a little more child-friendly. Since 1993, no fewer than six HABA games received the “Children’s game of the Year” award.
To Purchase the Sevilla Set by HABA or any of the other wonderful products mentioned here visit http://www.haba.de/haba/home.htm

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