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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pediped Originals Review

Pediped™ was founded in "2004 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth after searching for a perfect soft sole shoe for their daughter Caroline. Their goal was to create a shoe which was the "next best thing to bare feet." The name Pediped came from a doctor friend, while testing these shoes: pedi -for pediatritian and ped- Latin for foot. The first line was launched in February 2005. Four years later, the company now offers over 80 styles, for both boys and girls, in two lines, Originals (soft-soles, ages 0-2 years) and Flex (rubber-soles, ages 1-5).

Pediped™ footwear focuses on comfortable, high quality, stylish designs that meet the strict requirements of the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). Pediped footwear is the smart choice for parents concerned with the long term development of their children's feet. Pediped shoes are designed to care for their feet from crawling, to those amazing first steps and into toddler years. Their shoes come in a broad range of styles from sandals and athletic fashions to dress and casual shoes, all designed to address the growing needs of children from birth through age 5." Pediped uses the latest technology, plus the highest quality material and craftsmanship to create shoes for children that are designed to care for their feet. Pediped was great and sent Emma a pair of Giselle soft soled shoes to review and test out.

Giselle is a chocolate brown Mary Jane accented with metallic pink, lime green and white polka dots. This is a best seller at Pediped and one of my favorites
Emma started walking at 10 months roughly, and finding the right pair of shoes is hard to do. I was pretty excited to try out Giselle Pediped shoes. We are pretty busy coming and going from the house running errands or spending time just outside on the deck that we keep shoes on her a lot. I really have to say these are a pair she doesn't notice on her feet. She has no trouble walking in these shoes and fit so well. This is super important as we know little ones will trip on a shoe to big when they first start out walking. She runs around like she is in bare feet. The insoles are soft and and supportive and the Velcro closures make this a fast shoe to slip on. They have been used inside and out and I feel good knowing that the shoe she is always wearing are good for her feet. She definitely has gained some walking speed on mom now !!The Philosophy of Pediped has always been comfort, quality and style, which is why Pediped was one of the first children's shoe companies the American Podiatric Medical Association awarded their seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy feet. Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have made Pediped one of the fastest growing children's footwear brands in the US. Pediped offers more than 80 designs, is sold in over 35 countries around the world, and has a world wide patent pending.
Pediped has a New Fall/Winter collection.
Along with the "Couture Collection" and exclusive Pediped hair clips from No Slippy
So check out Pediped's site today!

Where else to Find Pediped
Pediped on Facebook
Thank you pediped for letting Emma review these awesome shoes:)

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