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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Children want to be just like mom and dad and their older brothers and sisters. They reach a point where they no longer want to sit in a high chair or booster seat for "babies" anymore. In fact, many children would rather sit on their knees and eat rather than use a booster seat. Trust me my 4 yr old can sit in the most peculiar ways so when Kaboost send me this super cool booster for my chair I was excited to try it out.

With KABOOST, Everett is able to sit and reach the table just like everyone else which is great as he really out grew the use of a booster seat and literally will frown on anyone who even suggests it. Hey he is a big kid now as he sees it. It easily fit on any of our chairs and we did have fun testing it out on pretty much any chair and it was easy and fast to put on. The spring loaded arms firmly grip any chair legs and the KABOOST actually stayed in place when the chair was moved.
Here are some super cool facts about KABOOST!
  • KABOOST is designed for ages 20 months to 6 yrs and can hold up to 300lbs!!
  • KABOOST can be used on all types of household floors, remember flat and level surfaces always. With rubberized feet KABOOST is non-slipping and will not scratch floors!
  • Snaps-on a chair in seconds
  • Engineered to improve chair stability
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Stays attached even when chair is moved
  • At 3. 5 the KABOOST is compact and lightweight and super easy to fold and carry. Our KABOOST has been to friends and back and it easily fits into a bag. Check out the handy carry bag that comes with the charcoal KABOOST or you can simply buy it separately.
  • KABOOST also is designed with a choice of 2 elevating height positions. Just flip over the KABOOST to its other side in order to use the height position. This is another cool feature, What booster chair can do that!
  • KABOOST also comes in super colors Green, Chocolate, Neutral , and Charcoal(this being called the deluxe, also comes with a cool carry bag US only)
  • All four colours retail for the same price
KABOOST gives kids the "ability to develop a sense of independence and gain self-confidence. Even their self-esteem improves as they feel like they are part of the family. With KABOOST, the entire dining experience is enhanced for both child and family." I want to thank KABOOST for generously giving me this wonderful product to review, my son is super happy with his new chair accessory and definitely has more enjoyment at every meal time.
KABOOST is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable U.S. and international safety regulations and standards. KABOOST undergoes rigorous testing by independent testing laboratories to ensure that it is a sound, durable and safe product to use.
To Buy Your Very Own Kaboost visit: www.kaboost.com


  1. I have seen these reviewed around the web and they seem super cool.

  2. Yes we took it out to the restaurant tonight and it worked great!!



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