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Friday, September 4, 2009

Eco Bebe Boutique Review

Eco Bebe Boutique - An Eco friendly baby boutique located in Ottawa Canada. This Boutique carries a large selection of cloth diapers, baby carriers, organic bath and skin care , post-par tum baby bands and more. EcoBebe Boutique offers insightful knowledge and resources for parents and caregivers from cloth diapering to feeding. The selection at EcoBebe covers baby from head to toe in personal care and those items needed in your baby's first year. From Mom to Baby EcoBebe Boutique carries brands like:

Baby and Mom products-Little Twig, Earth Mama, Angel Baby, Rock Star Baby and Organic Start
Baby Carriers - Cuddly Wrap , WomBaby and Belle Baby Carriers
Feeding Accessories- Organic Kids Stainless Steel Bottles, Siliskins, Nurture Pure
Strollers like UPPA and accessories
Cloth Diapering- Pocket Diapers , AIO's (All in One), Gro-Baby system, Diaper covers and Monkey Doodlez
And All your Laundry Needs like the Amazing Soap nuts, diapers pails and accessories and Wonderwash.

EcoBebe Boutique offers information from Cloth diapering 101 to the knowledge centre area for parents that have questions all about baby's first year from cloth diapering to using Soapnuts. Parents expecting their first baby spend a lot of time researching strollers, car seats, cribs and paint colors but most do not spend anytime thinking about the diapers their baby will wear for the first 2 yrs. Most use disposables without thinking twice however there is a huge growing minority that are now discovering the alternative to disposable diapers - The modern Cloth diaper!!
EcoBebe Boutique offers a cloth diapering loaner program that gives parents or caregivers a chance to try out cloth diapering if your not too sure yet. This is a great chance to try a variety of diapers for up to 2 weeks and you are under no obligation to purchase anything. Simply contact EcoBebe Boutique for more information.

EcoBebe Boutique has a full line of Cloth Diapers and products to choose from. From Fitted to prefolds, liners and inserts, accessories and wipes and covers. Eco Bebe Boutique carriers all the top cloth diapering systems. Pocket diapers like Fuzzi Bunz, Knickernappies , Sweet Pea, Baby Kangas, Mommys Touch, AMP and The Monkey Doodlez Pocket. AIO's (All in One)like Berry Plush, Bamboo Baby, Sugar Peas, Monkey Doodlez Micro and Bamboo and AMP. EcoBebe Boutique also carries the complete Gro-baby system including the new Gro Baby disposable liners.

EcoBebe Boutique was super nice and sent me Two Canadian Made AIO Cloth diapers to review and test out on Emma.

Monkey Doodlez Micro - These Canadian Made diapers come in super colors like Tangerine, Raspberry Sorbet, Celery, Ocean Breeze, Cherry Blossom and Periwinkle. The inside of these diapers are lined with exquisite non-pilling micro-fleece. Securely attached is the Multi-layer thick cotton terry soaker pad. The diaper fastens with their own Doodlez tape(hook and loop) to provide a secure hold while remaining very soft to the touch. I was sent the Burgundy color Micro Monkey Doodlez and it was super easy to put on and soft on her sensitive skin. I was amazed at the fit and the room around her legs. The soft Velcro Tabs make this a great diaper for taking to day care or Grandma's. It took a bit longer to dry but in and out of the wash it had not much piling up and cleaned very well. The size range on a Monkey Doodlez is super and it really helps you get the right fit for your baby. I was sent a Medium long and found this to be a good fit on Emma but every baby is different and Monkey Doodlez offers this Medium long for those baby's like Emma that are tall and need a bit more but are not ready for a size large yet. Monkey Doodlez also offer a pocket style diaper. This is available at EcoBebe Boutique as well.

AMP Stay Dry AIO's- Canadian Made these diapers are soft and super easy to put on just like a disposable! The absorbent core is made of 4 layers of micro-fibre for a soft squishy feel and quick drying time. I did notice that for an AIO these dried quite well in my dryer while still maintaining softness and fit. The inner is soft fleece for wicking away wetness and keeping baby dry. The hook and loop tabs are easy to work with and are soft to the touch. The tabs stay looking new and good in the wash with handy little inner tabs to use. AMP also is offered now in a pocket style

These diapers are ideal for moms on the go and for babysitters, grandparents or daycare.

No pockets to stuff or extra liners to worry about with both of these diapers. I like how they fit Emma and they were not bulky like some diapers can get. Both were super soft and super easy to put on a squirmy baby and absorbent. Thank you EcoBebe Boutique for letting me review and discover how great an AIO really is.

These two great diapers I received are Canadian Made and are only an example of the many great products offered at EcoBebe Boutique. EcoBebe Boutique was also generous and sent me a sample of Superior Soap Nuts

This size is ideal for those that just want to try it out!

I have four children with pretty sensitive skin so I have to say I enjoyed trying Soap Nuts. I only use natural soap currently and I have to say I really like using soap nuts. They really do clean and leave your clothes fresh and are now another favorite of mine that I have added to my list of necessary items to have in the laundry room.
What are SoapNuts??
Soap Nuts are dried fruit from the Ritha(Sapindus mukorossi) tree. There are other types of trees that can produce a poor grade of soap nuts. the ones imported by Superior Soap Nuts contain very high amounts of saponin. Saponin is the substance which gives the Soapnuts their cleaning power. Soap nuts are a renewable resource and has created a sustainable income for Nepalese people in local area of Nepal. Soap Nuts are ready to be used right off the tree for your laundry. There is no need for fabric softener and your clothes are left naturally soft and clean. Once used Soapnuts breakdown completely leaving no toxic chemical residue behind , you can simply throw these in the com poster. Soap Nuts can also be boiled to make an all purpose liquid cleaner. From household cleaning, dishwasher use, Window cleaner to a body wash and shampoo Soap nuts are great for anyone with chemical allergies or sensitive skin and great as an all purpose cleaner in your home!!

EcoBebe Boutique located in Ottawa Ontario Canada offers an amazing selection of cloth diapers, baby care products, baby carriers, personal care products for mom and baby and more..

Thank you EcoBebe Boutique for letting me review such wonderful products.
To purchase Monkey Doodlez , AMP Diapers, or Soap Nuts Visit Eco Bebe Boutique online at www.ecobebeboutique.com

Follow EcoBebe Boutique on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/Ecomomwannabe
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