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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Organically Hatched Review

Organically Hatched is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and specializes in "the best organic natural products for mom and baby. Organically Hatched products are unique and high quality, known for sourcing the best organic cotton products for your baby and child from all over the world. They also feature a selection of high quality organic baby products from local B.C and Canadian suppliers. Organically Hatched brings you the best in organic baby products ranging from skin care, clothing , bpa bottles, dinner-ware, teething, toys, maternity, baby carrier and everything you need to cloth diaper.

Some great Organic Brands include: Bug and Pickle, Under the Nile, Baby Cakes, Fig, Z'fina; eco-chic organic baby slings, Belle organic carriers, and a complete line of 100% bamboo products from the local company Shoo-Foo.

Organically Hatched was gracious enough to send me a free Shoo Foo bamboo diaper to review. This is my first bamboo diaper and I can honestly say it is more than I expected. I love minky for softness but the bamboo is much softer. As I put it on my Emma I realized the size was the next difference. It stretches out to fit larger than any of my other cloth brands, with more give in the fabric, Emma at 9 months has pushed a few of the cloth diapers I have to the last snap but in a Shoo Foo she still has 3 snaps on each side to go. Big note: The 2 rows of snappies give this diaper a fit for baby's 8-33 lbs (4-15 kg) .

On Emma it fit her very snug at the legs and did not leak at all this week when we were trying it out. When it was time to wash it came apart easy and washed with little moisture left in them , so they dried very quickly as well. The Shoo Foo diaper is well made and designed; the Bamboo is as soft and absorbent as they claim. This is definately a diaper I would buy as it will last till Emma toilet trains and the softness just cant be beat.
Bamboo having amazing absorbent qualities also has a natural antibactrial properites which prevents unpleasant odors . I would recommend Shoo Foo 100% bamboo diapers to any mom.

To purchase any products mentioned please visit the
Organically Hatched Website or email sales@organicallyhatched.com
You can also find Organically hatched on Twitter @Orghatched and On Facebook.

Thank you Organically hatched for letting me review such a wonderful product.

1 comment:

  1. Cute diaper..never heard of them. I like that you said it has a snug fit on the legs. My guy leaks out the leg on some of his diapers sometimes.



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