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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Geekling Designs Review

What is Geekling Design ?

Geek /gi:k/: A person who knows almost everything about subjects that interest them (such as video games, science, computers), but are socially indistinguishable from everyone else.

Geekling /gi:k-ling/: The end product of two Geek’s love.

Designs /di.zaIns/:The shape or appearance given to an object, especially one that is intended to make it more attractive.

Geekling Designs: Affordable clothing designed by geeks, for geeks.

Geekling Designs is a Canadian online boutique, based out of Chilliwack British Columbia, with affordable clothing for babies and toddlers. Featuring creepers/onsies, t-shirts and bibs for any occasion Geekling Designs products are hand made, available in graphic design or stenciled, sized from newborn to toddler and are all made using water soluble non toxic ink. From the Organic collection to their modern gift sets. Geekling Designs has affordable clothing, Mommy and me matching sets, Daddy and me matching sets, bibs and t-shirts. If your searching for something different and one of a kind, custom orders are available!

I was thrilled when I received the "Dandelion Seed" Cotton creeper by Geekling Designs.

This creeper combines nature with vibrant color. Made with 6.0 to 6.5 oz ;100% Ring spun combed cotton and closures with 3 snaps at the bottom , this creeper is colorful and fun. I have to be honest baby pinks and yellows are cute on a baby but I do get tired of traditional colors and this is a great change for any baby/toddler. A big plus to this creeper was the length of the it on Emma. Being a rather long baby, she has caused the snaps to burst on a few of her"other" creepers/onsies. This fit her wonderfully and was long enough that there was no fussing to get it on her. The quality is top and the detail is fantastic. I like funky clothing a lot and I like that there is a Geekling Designs to make safe, non toxic originally handmade creepers , t-shirts and more . Check out the online store today at www.geeklingdesigns.ca

To purchase a creeper like the one I reviewed shop at www.geeklingdesigns.ca

Find Geekling Designs on Facebook and Twitter

Check out the Geekling Designs Blog for more pictures of her work.

Thank you Geekling Designs for letting me review such a great onsie!

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